And’ dead Carlo Casini, founder of the pro-Life Movement

of Tiziana Giovannandrea
23 march 2020E died at the age of 85 years, at his home in Rome, at the end of a long illness, Carlo Casini, founder of the pro-Life Movement. She was 85 years old. He was born in Florence in march of 1935.

Magistrate, lawyer, member of parliament and mep, was among the protagonists of activism committed catholic in society, in culture and politics. He has represented a high authority which has always expressed strictly own opinion, in the respect of the democratic debate.

The news of his death was announced by the Italian catholic bishops ‘ newspaper, Avvenire. The last months of the life of Carlo Casini were a real calvary for the progress of the Sla. At his side, as always, during the illness, tireless, his wife and children, who have continuously followed during the disease, without letting it ever.

Write the Future: Carlo Casini “he leaves an example of exceptional dedication to the cause of unborn life, for which he made every human energy, intellectual, and spiritual, fighting not only to stop the law 194, through the corrective referendum in 1981, but also to sprout the plant at first slender and today, it is full of branches and fruits of the Movement for Life, as in the image of the mustard seed, capable of expressing hundreds of Centers for aid to Life, the Gemma Project, houses of hospitality, with tens of thousands d helped children come into the world simply by listening and at the side of their mothers”.

He joined the judiciary in 1961. From 1963 to 1966 he was praetor in Empoli (Fi), and from 1966 to ’79 deputy prosecutor in Florence. After the commitment as a parliamentarian, he was a councillor at the Court of Cassation from 1999 to 2003. He was a professor of international law, human rights and bioethics at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum of Rome. After the judiciary, Carlo Casini began a career in politics in the ranks of the Christian democrats. He was elected to the Chamber for the first time in 1979. After the dissolution of Dc, he joined the Italian people’s Party and later on it passed to the Christian Democratic (Ccd), for which he was ricandidato in the european elections but not elected, and later to the Udc. He was elected member of the european parliament in the elections of 1984, 1989 and 1994. He returned to the european Parliament in may 2006, in succession to Armando Dionisi, in the meantime elected a national deputy.

Condolences unanimous from all over the world, political and institutional. Pier Ferdinando Casini speaks of “a tireless defender of life”. Giorgia Meloni, president of Brothers of Italy, says: “a remarkable Man who dedicated his life to the defense of life”. Mara Carfagna, Vice president of the Chamber and member of the Forza Italia writes: “a loss that I grieve, Casini had the policy a high idea and the militant, which has never failed in all his long life”. Lorenzo Fontana, member of parliament, deputy secretary of the federal League and formerly the minister for the Family, said: “His battles have left a deep mark”. For the national president of the Udc , Antonio De Poli, Mess “gives us a priceless inheritance policy”. Gabriel shop toccafondi, member florence, Italy Living, says: “God reward you for everything that you have done in defense of the most poor. With the pro-Life Movement and with the Gemma Project has saved many children, born thanks to the financial assistance and to social network offered to mothers”.