Bags still falling, despite the Fed

Paul GilaMilano
23 march 2020Avvio week negative to Piazza Affari and the other main european stock exchanges. The move of the Federal Reserve to buy securities in the market for an unlimited amount is not served. Indeed, investors believe that the initiatives are all premature and incongruous, since the outcomes of the pandemic are still unknown for the vast amount and duration. The Dow Jones at 17, and 30 marked that it marks a drop of 3,30%, while the Nasdaq fell 1 and 84%.
In Europe, these closures: London has lost 4,35%, Frankfurt 2,10% and Paris, 3% and 32%. Milan is set back to 1, and 09% with a volatility and nervousness very prominent.
The spread btp/bund is 197 basis points, the yield on our ten-year 1 and 60%. The euro against the dollar is at an altitude of 1.07 and 40.