Coronavirus, Enac: go-ahead for the use of drones to monitor the movement

23 march 2020Via free to the use of drones for the monitoring of the movements of the citizens in the municipal territory” on the part of local Police.

Provides for a disposition of the Enac – valid until 3rd April which allows you to waive some of the rules of the regulation on remotely piloted aircraft, “in order to ensure the containment of the emergency and the epidemiological Coronavirus”. The needs of the use of these means have been chosen “from the many commands of the local police”.

Drones, provides the Enac, will be able to work, even on urban areas where there is little population exposed to the risk of impact,” it will not be necessary “the release of the authorisation by this Authority and will not require the compliance of operations to the scenarios published standards”.

The text also authorises all the institutions of the State and the local police of the Municipalities to employ the unmanned aircraft “in the framework of the conditions of emergency approaches due to the epidemic Covid-19, in the area alongside of all the airports civil”.