Coronavirus, explore the old: “yesterday 1.555 new cases and 320 deaths, confirms a declining trend'”

23 march 2020

“Today confirms the declining trend,we can say that is the first positive day, this is not the time to claim victory but we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.” So the minister of Welfare Giulio explore the old, in the direct facebook to make the point on the emergency coronavirus in the Lombardy region, adding that it is the third day of data in the fall. The patients positive for today are 28.761, +1.555 about yesterday, the increase in the drop-down.

“The most beautiful” of the day is the decline in the number of admissions, given that it is “the first day that this happens”: the hospitalized people today are 9266, while yesterday they were 9.439, and 173 in the least.

In Milan, the growth of new positive almost halved
It is reduced by nearly 50% the growth of positive cases at both the Milan city and in the whole province. The positives for Milan in the city are 2176, an increase of 137 cases, while yesterday it was 210, and two days ago, 279. Throughout the province the positive 5326, an increase of 230, while yesterday they were 424 and the other day 868.

Fall the positive in Bergamo, grow in Brescia
Continue to improve the data relating to new cases in the province of Bergamo, while getting worse, definitely in that of Brescia. According to the data provided by the explore the old, in the province of Bergamo there are 6471 positive, with a growth of 255 new cases, while yesterday was 347, and the other yesterday of the well 715. In Brescia, however, the positive 5905, with a growth of 588 new cases, while yesterday had been 289, and the day before yesterday 380. In the province of Lodi, the first hit in Italy by the coronavirus, the infected are 1817, with 45 new cases, yesterday was 79 and the other yesterday 96.

No pad random, with a cold stay home
“The pads we want to make them and make them to all those in need, but we want to aim in a selective way on the people that do it. Our staff at the hospital we take today, the temperature at all and, as soon as they are 37.5, we send them to do the swabs,” but “we do not want random outside a supermarket swabs to someone,” explained the councillor, asking everyone to “isolate themselves even with a simple cold”.

“We ask you to stay at home, – he continued – who has influence, who has a cold to stay at home, even if only with a cold strengthened. Then we keep you monitored, and if worsening is the general practitioner who sends you out to do the swab” why”, if we make too many, the system takes too much time and would not be effective”.