Coronavirus, infected 4.824 health professionals. Dead other two doctors

23 march 2020

According to data released by the Istituto superiore di sanita’ (Iss), in Italy from the beginning of the epidemic are 4.824 health care professionals who have contracted an infection from coronavirus, equal to 9% of the total number of people infected, a percentage more than double that of the chinese cohort of the study published in Jama (3.8 percent). A study of the Foundation Gimbe, according to which “to judge from the numerous narrative and non-execution of the buffers to all the professionals and health care workers, the official number provided by the Iss is widely underestimated”.

“A month after the case 1 of Codogno – says Nino Cartabellotta, President of the Fondazione GIMBE – the numbers show that we have paid a very dear price for the lack of preparation and organizational management to the emergency”- For this Gimbe calls for the execution of the pads to all the professionals and health care providers, as well as “the integration of the guidelines and Iss to ensure maximum protection to those who are engaged in the front line against the emergency coronavirus”.

And you add two new victims to the list of doctors fallen as a result of the Covid-19, Cremona and Parma. It is, it is learned from the national Federation of the orders of doctors (Fnomceo), Leonardo Marchi, infectious disease doctor as a director of the Casa di Cura San Camillo in Cremona, and Manfredo dry docks, hospital physician board. Dry docks worked as a doctor in charge of the department of Medicine at care Home ‘Little Daughters’ of Parma, in partnership with the national health Service.

In total, the Fnomceo, would be 19 physicians in activity who died of coronavirus.

Spallanzani: 223 hospitalized, and 24 in the icu
“Patients COVID 19 positive they are in total 223. Of these, 24 patients in need of respiratory support”. And it stresses the health bulletin of the Hospital Spallanzani of Rome to today dimettera’ “more asymptomatic patients or patients paucisintomatici”. “Patients discharged and transferred to home or at other territorial structures, are in this morning 76”, add the bulletin announcing that “the police officer belonging to the Commissariat of Spinaceto, and we admitted, in the day yesterday and was extubated and breathing independently.” The Hospital, finally, points out “that at this Institution are not to the state, admitted citizens of roma origin”.

The bulletin of civil protection of 22 march. Borrelli: “the Numbers improved, but not we lower our guard”
Overall, there are 46.638 the sick, coronavirus in Italy, with an increase compared to yesterday 3.957: yesterday’s increase was the state of 4.821. For people who are currently positive for the coronavirus in Italy, 19.846 are admitted to the hospital, 3.009 in the icu, 23.783 in isolation at home. The total number of infected – including the victims and the healed – has reached the 59.138. Are 7.024 people healed in Italy after contracting coronavirus, 952, more than yesterday. Yesterday, the given daily on healed was 943. Fall the victims of the coronavirus in Italy. Today the total number is 5.476, an increase compared to yesterday 651 drive; yesterday with an increase of 793 deaths. The said commissioner for the emergency Angel Borrelli during the press conference at the civil Protection.