Coronavirus, Mattarella to the prisoners: the maximum commitment to improve your conditions

23 march 2020Il president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has responded today with a letter to the newspaper Il Gazzettino to an appeal that the prisoners of the Northeast, had addressed a few days ago. The appeal, published in recent days on the same newspaper, was addressed to Mattarella, the president of the Council the Earl, and to Pope Francis.

A letter sent by the detainees of the prisons of Venice, Padua and Vicenza, in which they said, of “merit for the most part a punishment, but not torture” resulting from the further limitation of the personal freedom resulting from the containment measures of the coronavirus.

The response of Mattarella
“Your letter struck me because it is the sign of a sincere concern for the very serious epidemic that is affecting our Country and expresses your participation and your involvement in the events the most dramatic of the whole community, of which you all are part of it,” writes the Head of State.

“I am well aware of the difficult situation of our prisons, overcrowded and not always adequate to ensure full levels of human dignity and I work, as much as is in my possibilities, in order to encourage the best efforts in order to ameliorate the condition of all the inmates and staff of penitentiary Police that works with dedication and sacrifice,” assures Mattarella.

Leaders in correctional heartened
“Of course, the tension is still palpable in the institutions for the fear of the spread of the virus. We are heartened to read that the Head of State appreciates the commitment and sacrifice of the personnel of the Penitentiary Police, and that will solicit the maximum commitment to improve the conditions of confined and operators. But it should not be any delay”.

Said in a note to Daniela Caputo, national secretary of the national Association of Directors and Officers of the prison Police, which notes that “the arrival of the 1600 phones has allowed the Prison Administration to compensate the necessary reduction of the talks, but the danger of contagion in extremely overcrowded makes it urgent on the part of institutions to the choices of the deflation which, without yielding the certainty of punishment, can limit leconseguenze of the spread of coronavirus inside the walls”.