Coronavirus. Salvini feels Mattarella: “Thanks to Head of State, committed to climate cooperation”

23 march 2020Da days Matteo Salvini, along with the other leaders of the opposition Giorgia Meloni (Fdi) and Silvio Berlusconi (Forza Italia), ask for a meeting to the Head of State to be placed in the position of being able to give their contribution to the executive committee in this time of great emergency: “Enough grandstanding, is summoned to the Parliament was permanent,” they say in unison. And this morning as he described the same leader league has spoken on the phone with Mattarella. “I thank the President for the availability of, and the commitment to foster a dialogue between the government and the opposition to create that right climate of true collaboration for the good of the country and exit together from the emergency. I informed of the interview, Melons and Berlusconi”.

The 5 points of the League to deal with the emergency economic
“In a normal Country all would be involved in this time around the table of the booth and all would lead their sensitivity, requests that come from their territories, by the mayors and the governors,” said Salvini, who then publishes on Twitter of the top five priorities for the economic emergency: the Protection of the work, Vat, interventions for the protection of enterprises, white year and fiscal support to the local Authorities.

đź“ĄEmail for your records of problems and proposals (there are coming many more, thanks to the collaboration): [email protected]

— Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) March 23, 2020

Melons: “I’ll be in Parliament today”
“I’ll be in parliament today, we will be in Parliament tomorrow for the budget Commission”. So Giorgia Meloni reiterates the necessity of the participation of parliamentarians in the work of the Classroom. For Melons, deputies and senators must be present because “There is half of Italy that is working, and if half of Italy works the the first to work it must be the Italian Parliament”, given that “all political groups have smart ideas, good will”. “We will try to put to regime the Parliament of new every day so that it can do its part,” concludes the leader of Brothers of Italy.

“We have offered since the very first day the maximum support finding from the executive to more desire of self-assertion which the sense of responsibility,” is also reminiscent of the parent company of the Brothers of Italy to the Room, Francesco Lollobrigida.

Mulè: “it is Not the time of the controversy, but the government is not listening”
“The government continues to say and repeat that this is not the time of the controversy and of the divisions, but that of sharing. Then, however, he does not listen nor compare it with the opposition, to the point that he has to intervene the President of the Republic, does not know how to dialogue with trade unions and Confindustria, and churns out a decree messed around on the stop to the companies”. So the Forza Italia deputy and spokesman of the groups, the blue of the house and Senate, and Giorgio Mulè. “Not only that. In the moment of national unity is not capable of putting the parts at the same table, unleashes a strike objectively crazy claiming that you have not succumbed to the ‘pressures’ of Confindustria. And this is the model of national unity? No, this is the model of chaos and institutional. Not for us, that we have at heart the needs of the italians”.