Coronavirus, the dead Don Resmini, ‘priest of the last’

23 march 2020E’ dead don Fausto Resmini, the priest from bergamo, who has been for over 30 years chaplain of the prison in the city.

He was 67 years old and was hospitalized for a few days at the Sant’anna hospital in Como for the coronavirus.

For years a camper of the association he founded, has provided meals at the train station.

The announcement of his death was given by his community: “This night, don Fausto returned to the house of the Father. He fought until the end against this virus that’s terrible. Is gone in silence and in the solitude of the night, just like many men who lived in the street where he took care in his ministry”.

Don Fausto Resmini, died of coronavirus

— InTerris News (@interrisnews) March 23, 2020