Fountain: “the Data are in line with those of yesterday.”

March 23, 2020“I think I can say that they are in line with those of yesterday”. He has said in the course of a communication to the press, the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana talking about the budget of the victims and the cases of infection by the coronavirus in the region.

Accelerate testing drug japanese
“They are matters strictly scientific, and, after the recent prime minister’s Decree, the testing of this drug japanese cannot be made at the regional level, but only by Aifa. I will ask then to minister Hope to accelerate this experimentation in order to have a rapid response in order to understand if it may or may not be used”. Thus, the president of the Lombardy Region-Fountain spoke of the drug flu used in Japan to block the coronavirus.

Asked the interior ministry if it prevails, the ordinance or Dpcm
“I sent a note the formal to the minister of the Interior Lamorgese, with whom I had also a phone call prior to submission, with which I ask that the ministry may express its opinion whether it should apply the ordinance in the Region or in the Prime minister”, where there is a conflict, because of the Region provides for restrictions more, said the president of the Lombardy Region. “Our legal department and the lawyers that we consulted, he added,” tell us which must prevail in our ordinance, but we have asked the minister why in this time you must not create any conflict”.

Hotels for insulation positive
The Lombardy Region has approved a resolution that involves “the isolation of all the positive” to the Coronavirus, so asymptomatic since, with “minor symptoms”, in their own homes or in facilities such as military hospitals or hotels for the cases where the houses are not big enough. He said the president of Lombardy regional council, Attilio Fontana, during a videocollegamento to make the point about the emergency Coronavirus. The resolution, he added, Fountain, provides for the involvement of doctors in the monitoring of the conditions of these patients. “They will do a constant monitoring, they will try to control all the situations of those who do not have the need to go to the hospital,” he continued. “We have to start gradually, the military hospitals ready, a hotel in Milan is available, in the meantime, we will make arrangements with other hotels,” he concluded, adding that, in the case of a deficiency, these structures could also be seized.

Open up field hospitals, arrive doctors
“The hospital of the Exhibition is progressing, yesterday we made a reconnaissance, and we go forward in time. Cremona is party to a field hospital with the management of an ngo in the united states. Cream are coming to the cuban doctors to help in the field hospital, while in Bergamo will soon be operating the field hospital of the Alpine. There will come a group of Russian doctors that will facilitate the work of our staff: they should arrive at hours. Finally, at the San Raffaele today, should get the first patients in the new structure. We are receiving then the list of Italian doctors who have given willingness to be in the Region of Lombardy. As you can see, we’re putting in everything you need in this moment.”