Landini: “the Decree Close to Italy has been changed”. Fontana: “I’m Not satisfied”

23 march 2020Sindacati on a war footing after the premier Giuseppe Conte has signed the new decree, which stops the factories not essential. “It was upset” and accuses the leader of the Cgil Landini secretary of Fiom Francesca King David announces that we are on the national territory already several mobilizations. Mobiltazioni that they will multiply if the Prime minister will not be revised after “doubled the list of products that are not essential”. Tensions are also on the front of the regions. The president of the Lombardia Attilio Fontana says he is not satisfied with the decree: “But if we apply it we will do it,” he says. While in Sicily, the mayor of Messina urges the government checks of those who landed on the island and announces: “Ready ordinance to stop them”

Fontana: “I am Not happy with the Decree”
“No, I’m not particularly pleased with the decree of the government, because it should be to create spaces that we had tried to cover up. I have already said and I repeat that I want to have a positive relationship with the government, and I want to go to share about the choices that I do.” He said the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, this morning in the course of an interview. “Then accept what I tell the lawyers, that is, if it is my order or if it is worth the Dpcm – stressed-Fountain. This second hypothesis, however, means that the public offices are open to all, and the professional studies are open, there are sanctions against the mass gatherings, construction sites are open, hotels are open. We had given a close higher, but if you will have to apply that, apply that.”

The councillor for Welfare of the Lombardy region, Giulio explore the old adds: “Maybe we expected a little more responsiveness in some things, but this is the time to work all, for the lombards, to the italians for their health. – continued -. Are coming the breathing so let us thank the civil Protection. The collaboration is both with the government and with the national civil Protection”.

Messina: “the Government blocks the landings”
The mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca looks to the government and asks to block the landings on the island. And announces that it is ready a notice: “you Just have to play with the health, the patience of the sicilians, has a limit”.

Landini: “the Decree Close Italy upset”
“The decree to Close Italy was upset. We are ready to strike because, simply, we are consistent with the responsibility that we have taken in regard to the millions of people who risk their lives working. Already today, we have requested a meeting with the government”. He said the leader of the Cgil, Maurizio Landini, after the new decree of the premier blocks of the factories are not essential. Ready to the mobilization also of the Cisl and the Uil. The premier on remember that these days we have analysed the number of enquiries and we have reached a satisfactory synthesis, “to guide us are the precautionary principle and the protection of public health”.

King David: “To defeat the virus close production activities that are not essential”
“After the meeting on Saturday between the government, employers and trade unions had been made a list of products that are not essential. Yesterday in the decree issued by the government the list was more than doubled. It is not necessary to produce a continuous cycle and fill in the warehouses of products that are not sold. They are not essential to the activity of the industry of aerospace and defense”. So the leader of the Fiom, Francesca King David.

The trade unionist says that it is “impossible to think of to defeat the virus if you do not close the production activities that are not essential. Are in the course already today initiatives of the strike throughout the national territory, the mobilization of the metalworkers will continue until will not be provided by the government for the the measures necessary for the protection of the health and safety of workers in the industry”. The trade unions do not have the power to close factories, it is the government that must intervene in this sense. The Fiom is making agreements with the companies for the stops and the reductions of production activities with the use of the cassa integrazione. We ask, “concludes King David – the government which is put in the centre of workers’ health. If the workers are sick, sick people”.

Orlando: “the Measure to be corrected”
“We ask the unions, that full sense of responsibility that have expressed but we ask the government to keep open the comparison: it is essential to not break that thread of dialogue, and collect the instances that relate to the theme of the safety of the workers.” He said the deputy secretary of the Pd, Andrea Orlando, commenting to rai news the threat of a general strike came from unions in the face of the last decree of the president of the Council on the emergency coronavirus that has the closing only to the limited number of factories. For Orlando, if it is extended too much with the services deemed essential, the decision should be corrected.