More than 15 thousand dead in the world, in Spain are more than 2 thousand

23 march 2020I cases of coronavirus in the world is closer today to share sells 340 thousand, while the number of deaths has already exceeded the threshold of 14.700 units. The cured skim share 99.000. And what emerges from the last bulletin published by the Johns Hopkins University. To be exact, the infected are 339.259, the number of deaths has reached 14.706,while the people healed are 98.834

Spain, over 30,000 infected, admitted to the deputy prime
The deputy prime minister of the Spanish Carmen Calvo was admitted in the hospital for a respiratory infection. The report by the local media. Sources of the presidency quoted by El Mundo explained that Calvo has already done the test for the coronavirus and wait for the outcome. And still increases the number of infections and deaths from coronavirus in the country, among the countries most affected in Europe by the epidemic. The reports El Pais in its latest update: at least 33.089 in total, of which 2.355 in the icu. The dead are of 2.182, an increase of 462 victims in the last 24 hours. In Madrid, the largest outbreak in the country, shortage of beds in the icu and the army is setting up a field hospital in the spaces of the fair. The premier Sanchez, who has called on the european Union a joint response with the elaboration of a “big Marshall plan”, stated that the status in the alarm will continue until April 11th and there will be new restrictions.

In Germany, 25,000 cases
The German government has given the go-ahead to a new aid package for the economy which will result in a deficit of 156 billion euros. The plan, anticipated in recent days by the media, provides for interventions in favour of employment and of companies affected by the impact of the coronavirus. Among other measures, reductions for those who rent, the recipients of the subsidies ‘Hartz IV’ (i.e. minimum income and unemployed persons), support to clinics and other healthcare facilities. As is pointed out in the media, there are no previous measures of this kind in Germany.
The number of cases of coronavirus in Germany, close to 25,000 units, while the dead rise to 94 and so far I am healed, 266 people: this is what emerges from the last bulletin published by the Johns Hopkins University, according to which the infections found are now 24.904. For its part, the Robert Koch institute announced in the daily press conference this morning that the infection in the Country rose to 22.672, with an increase of 4.062 units compared to the previous day, and that the dead are 86. The statistics of the american university differ from those of the German institute as they are updated this morning, while those of the Robert-Koch-back to midnight, last week, when some of the Laender had not yet updated its count. The average age of sick people is 45 years.
German chancellor Angela Merkel, meanwhile, has begun a period of self-isolation in his home, after being in contact with a doctor infected by the coronavirus and will preside today the meeting of the government in a video link from his home. Meanwhile, in the Country’s measures to contain the contagion. Many of the exercises such as restaurants, hair stylists and beauty centers must remain closed. You can get out of the house to go to work, to the doctor, or grocery shopping. You can also take a walk but you must always maintain a distance of two metres from other people.

France, ok parliament health emergency
In France today, may get more restrictive measures for containment of the infection after the new meeting of the scientific council. In France there are over ten thousand infected, of which about seven thousand are hospitalized.

Great Britain, 3000 victims
In England, where they recorded almost three thousand victims and more than sixty thousand persons positive for the coronavirus may be arriving today, stronger measures for the containment of the infection. For now, the offices, the shops are open, but yesterday the premier, Boris Johnson has warned the public that it is now “absolutely crucial” observe “seriously” the latest directives on the” distancing” social ” and “stay at home as much as possible” to curb the spread of the coronavirus.