Coronavirus, Borrelli: “For every infected official 10 not registered”

24 march 2020La the word order now is caution. Especially because, for the head of civil Protection, Angel Borrelli, probably in Italy today there are about 600 thousand people infected by the new coronavirus. The official numbers speak of 63mila but in an interview with the newspaper The Republic Borrelli admits: “The report of a sick certificate for every ten not registered is credible.”

Therefore, it remains cautious Borrelli in front of the data on outbreaks in the slowdown for two consecutive days: “The measures two weeks ago they start to feel observed, In the next few hours we should see other effects, if you really understand the growth curve is flattening”. Between a week in Italy, according to the projections, math will overtake China by number of infections: “I never expected,” he admits Borrelli that has seen infected 12 of her coworkers.

In the face of these numbers, the head of the civil Protection do not rebuke to Italy errors of underestimation: “on The 31st of January – he said -” this government has declared a state of emergency and blocked the flights to and from China, it seems to me that we have understood immediately that this epidemic was a serious thing”.

What it finds, rather, a case such as that of Lombardy, is the presence of “behaviors in public that have fueled a national problem”. And, before the case of the match Atalanta-Valencia admits: “Potentially it was a detonator, but we can say now, with the benefit of hindsight”.

In the face of these numbers, if someone asks whether it makes sense to the now-fixed press conference of the 18 replication: “From the first day I ensured that I would have told you the truth, it is a commitment that I have taken with the Country. Now if we stopped there accuserebbero to hide things. And then we were in the hands of the individual Regions, the numbers of the Health councillors. In the first few weeks it was chaos.”

The bulletin of 23 march on the emergency Coronavirus in Italy.

All the updated data in Italy and in the world

A total of 63.927 people in Italy were infected by the coronavirus so far. Yesterday are 50.418 positive people, an increase of 3,780 compared to the previous day and 26.522 are those that are in isolation at home. Are 7.432 people healed, with an increase of 408 units. The deceased yesterday were 6.077, 601 more than the overall figure of the day before, but this number can only be confirmed after the national Institute of Health has established the actual cause of death.

Are 3.204 hospitalised patients in the intensive care unit 195 in more. Of these, 1.183 are in Lombardy. Are 601 people have died in the last 24 hours with coronavirus. Also, the increase of the number of victims down for the second day in a row. The total number of victims rises to 6.077.

Note that the number of new positive (3.780) is on the decline compared to the previous day when they were registered 3.957. For the second day in a row, the increase in the number of infected slows.

Declining Trend? I do not imbalance
“I look at with attention and favor” the declining trend, “but I still don’t feel loose balance”. “This is a very important week for us to evaluate the performance of our curves” on the infections by coronaviruses. He said the president of the Iss, Silvio Brusaferro, in a press conference at the civil protection.

Hope: “the crucial Days, now more than ever, not to lower our guard”
“Are the crucial days. Woe to lower the guard. Now, more than ever, need the commitment of all”. So the minister of Health, Roberto Hope, despite some timid signs of improvement in the epidemic curve of the coronavirus, invites the citizens, right now, not to loosen the stringent containment measures and continue to follow the strict rules imposed by the government to face the emergency and to be able to overcome.

All the dead were positive to the pad
“All the people who died” for the coronavirus in Italy “tested positive on the swab”. He said Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Iss, at the press conference of the civil Protection.

Collected 25.5 million on the c/c of the civil Protection
“Thanks to the generosity of the italians have been collected 25.5 million on the current account of the civil Protection. The money will be used to purchase fans, protection devices for personal health and all of the tools to fight the coronavirus”.

Germany welcomes 8 Italian patients
“Germany has received the first two patients infected with the coronavirus Italian, should accommodate 8 positive in everything. This highlights the importance of international solidarity”. “Today is the continued activity of the Central remote health aid, were transferred to 4 patients, always from the region of Lombardy,
and the total transferred since the beginning of the emergency, 68, of these 28 positive patients and 40 non-positive”. “I thank the many countries that have contributed to the activities of our Country, in particular the Russian Federation, the people’s Republic of China, France and Germany, which have offered us the men and means to counter this epidemic.

Prevent new, positive rubs off on people
“To back down the curve of cases, we hope as soon as possible, it is essential that the new positive or suspicions will cease in a dramatic way to transmit the infection to others.” So the president of Iss, Silvio Brusaferro, in a press conference at the civil Protection. “This is the bet. Are positive that after a little while arrive at the hospital. To avoid that between 15-20 days there is this number of cases we need to prevent new, positive, or suspected to transmit the virus”.

Avoid the South, the replication curves of the North
“This is an important week for us to evaluate the performance of our curves. This great caution must remind us that the curves depend on the regions of the North and our effort is to avoid that even in the South, is to replicate the curves of the North”. He said the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Silvio Brusaferro, in the course of the press conference of the Civil defense on the emergency coronavirus. “Our bet – it has added – is that not happening again in the south, the curves of the north. Our measurements are performed on two legs: the response of the care in the hospitals; so that the curve turning down the passage requires the measures of material and social cannot be separated from the fact that the new positive stop, in a dramatic way to transmit the infection to others. Also dramatic events such as deaths or admissions to the icu occur after a certain period of time. What we need to do today is to make sure that the positive will not transmit”.

Still too many people around
“The curve to the South seems not to take a leap, but I have seen in the press review images of streets full of people, things which are not seen elsewhere. If the attitude will be rigorous, and unit in the Country, there is the real possibility that the curves are not to take a similar trend to the North. But if we are not strict, the dynamics do not depend on the latitude but by our behaviour”. He said the president of the Iss Silvio Brusaferro.

The ideal would be to have the immune population
“The best solution to avoid the circulation of coronaviruses is to have a population that is immune, slow down the curve of outbreaks, also to give time to our research and industry to give us therapies, specific antibodies, and vaccines”. He said the president of the Iss, Silvio Brusaferro, answering to journalists in a press conference at the civil Protection.

Experiment with drugs in a way that is transparent
“I think without getting into the details of a single medication, it is important to experiment and do it in a way that is transparent, as it is happening, in addition to sharing information with the world.” He said the president of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Silvio Brusaferro. “Because Italy in this moment is a pilot, in spite of himself, and can provide useful info to other Countries”.