Trump, we are not made to the shutdown, we’ll be back soon to do business

24 march 2020Gli Usa “are not made for the shutdown”. Thus, the president, Donald Trump signals the intention to re-open in America, “business”, in order to safeguard its economy even at the time of the coronavirus. During the press conference on the Covid-19, the president has indicated the need to gradually boost the Country, because “you can die” of the economic crisis and it is necessary to find a point of equilibrium. “Our public health experts, who are amazing, who are studying the variations and the disease: we will use the data to recommend new protocols that allow the local economies to resume cautiously their task at the right time,” said Trump assuring that “it will not be a matter of months”. Will decide next week, when they will expire 15 days distancing social required throughout the Country. Meanwhile, more than 40% of the population is in lockdown.

“If it was for the doctors, chiuderebbero all over the world”, he said that the tycoon, in front of a press room semi empty, after the news of a possible case of contagion between the colleagues. Even absent the immunologist Anthony Fauci, of the task force of the White House against the coronavirus, which on more than one occasion has distanced itself from Trump. Mouth “does not agree” on the need to re-open the Country, the president said, specifying that the absence of the super virologist is due simply to another commitment. “America will soon return to be open for business,” he assured the commander-in-chief. “This is a medical issue. We will not allow that to turn into a financial problem long-term,” he added, while acknowledging that the epidemic is destined to grow. Outbreaks in the Usa have exceeded 40,000 and the dead are more than 500, or 100 in a day. “Some parts of the nation have been severely impattate, other only marginally,” said Trump, citing the Nebraska, Idaho and Iowa. “Why should we close all the Country?”. During the press conference, the president jokingly distanced himself from dr. Deborah Birx, always of the task force, because he had a fever over the weekend. It is then complimented with the Federal Reserve for the injection of extraordinary liquidity and has made it known that the first lady Melania was made the test of the coronavirus and found to be negative.