Abortion: the region of Tuscany authorizes the pill, Ru486, even in public health clinics

June 29, 2020A short in Tuscany, women will be able to make the voluntary termination of pregnancy drug, even in the outpatient clinics public adequately equipped, and functionally linked to the hospitals. To establish the resolution approved by the regional committee in the session today. The resolution is attached (the “operating Protocol for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (Ivg) drug”, drawn up on the basis of the opinion of the Board of the Regional Health care in 2014 in order to be able to guarantee the supply of abortion drug as ambulatory visits. Tuscany was the first Region to adopt the medical abortion with the Ru486. Now is the first to foresee the implementation in the clinics, provided that they are connected with hospitals.

Rossi: “important Step”
“The Tuscany will be the first Region to provide for the administration of Ru486 outside of the hospital, but always in connection with the hospital, specialty clinics and are authorised to do so – stresses the president of the Region, Enrico Rossi -. It is an important step forward to further extend an appropriate health-care provision, in line with our historical setting. We were the first to start buying the Ru486 abroad, believing it to be safer than surgical abortion. Then in 2014, the Board of the regional health adopted an opinion, stating, “you don’t need the hospitalization, and, behold, the evolution that was so long awaited”.

In respect of the rights of woman
In the Protocol it is specified that the aim is to ensure that all women requiring Abortions a service uniform, respectful of the rights of woman and of high quality. The medication to the Ivs provides the use of a dose of mifepristone, followed by one or more doses of the prostaglandin. The scheme of treatment of reference is the one approved by the Fda (Food and Drug Administration) and Aifa (Italian drug Agency). The abortion doctor is considered by the Who, the world health Organization, a safe and effective method.

What provides the protocol
To the woman who decides to terminate the pregnancy and occurs in one of the offices authorized to practice in the Ivg, with a document/certificate request Ivg issued by the doctor of the clinic and health centre treatment, by the family physician or from another physician of trust, and shall be provided with all the necessary information on the Abortion drug and must be given its informed consent.

How it works
The health care facilities where it can be carried on the acceptance are all structures authorized by the law 194, including the outpatient clinics public adequately equipped, functionally linked to hospitals, and authorized by the Region, in possession of the specific requirements prescribed by the regulations, as well as the consultors defined as “major”, in functional linkage with the referral hospital. The first surgery is the intake of mifepristone. After administration of the drug, the woman should remain inside of the garrison; after the revaluation of medical can return home. You will be provided the phone number of the counseling and the doctor of the hospital. And will be scheduled on the next visit.

The second surgery takes place on the third day after about 48 hours from the first, in the same structure as the first intervention. The woman is administered misopristolo. After a period of observation, is scheduled the third access (after about 10-15 days). The control takes place after about 14 days from the second intervention. In the case of control occurred, is reserved to the next control after about a month. In the case of missed abortion or incomplete abortion, is activated after the surgical procedure in the hospital of reference.

After closing the folder, to the woman are given, with particular attention to the mode of contraception, to prevent further ABORTIONS. All possible methods should be explained in a clear manner, highlighting indications and contra-indications, differences, advantages, possible side effects of each method; highlighting the risks, physical and psychological, of the use of Ivg repeated.

The costs
The rate of this performance (completely in charge of the public health Service, because the woman is delivered in a regime of exemption from participation in the cost) was fixed at 500 euro a figure that includes the cost of the medication and refers to the entire continuum of care.