Alitalia, the new vertices: Caio will be the president, Lazzerini ceo

29 June 2020,”We have identified Francesco Caio as president of the new company, and Fabio Lazzerini as ceo”. Announces, the dossier Alitalia, the chairman of the Board, Giuseppe Conte, in a post on Facebook. “The summit neo-designated it will be able to immediately work with the advisor already identified by the ministry of the Economy, the new industrial plan, which will then be notified to the European Commission,” adds Conte.

The president of the Council says: “these days we have worked on the dossier Alitalia in order to proceed quickly with the signing of the new society, by a decree proposed by the minister Gualtieri and co-signed by the ministers De Micheli, Patuanelli and Catalfo. We have shared the guidelines that will direct the industrial plan that will allow the pursuit of corporate strategies in the sign of the cost-effectiveness of management, in order to confront, with full competitive ability, the complex challenges of the air transport market post-Covid 19”.

The indiviuduazione of the summit took place “in the context of the sharing of this overall strategy, which also envisages a reform of the national air transport”. Conte stresses that, “this decision allows for a decisive acceleration of the project for the new company, as envisaged in the decree to raise.

We are eager to proceed and to re-launch a national carrier that could offer the maximum guarantees to not only run your business effectively and efficiently, but also to enhance the entire system of domestic transport, taking advantage of the opportunities that the intermodality and the new phase the world can offer to our market in air transport, which is the second largest in Europe”.

De Micheli: “the New era”
“Alitalia can and must be relaunched: this is our goal since the establishment of the government. In the framework of an international market that is profoundly different from the past, we wanted to not only examine all the opportunities that can open for the aviation sector of our country but also make a great investment industrial transportation and Tourism. For this reason, the choice of management is strategic.

The acceleration of today with the appointment of Caio and Lazzerini opens a new era for the airline, and the professional quality of the president and we are confident they will mature the conditions for a new great company, as it deserves in this Country. They deserve our full confidence. To them, now, the responsibility and the honor of the relaunch the new Alitalia”. So, the minister of Transport, Paola De Micheli on Facebook.