Bachelet (Un): “The plan israeli annexations in the west bank is completely illegal”

June 29, 2020

The project of the israeli annexation of parts of the west bank is “illegal.” The complaint ms Michelle Bachelet, the Un high commissioner for human rights.

The Un high commissioner stressed that the “shock waves” of the plan of the annexation of the israeli “last for decades”. “The annexation is illegal, totally,” said Bachelet in a note. “Any annexation, whether it is the 30% of the west bank, whether it is the 5%”.

Gantz: “The 1 July is the date sacred to the annexations”
On the first of July “is not a date sacred” for Israel to begin to implement the challenged plan. Word of the Defense minister Benny Gantz. Sources close to the leader of the party, Blue and White have confirmed to the agency Dpa that Gantz said during a meeting with the american ambassador in Israel, David Friedman, and the special representative of Usa for the international negotiations, Avi Berkowitz.

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post cites various sources, the american well-informed, according to which Israel this week will not take measures to extend its sovereignty over areas of the west bank. The coalition agreement between Benjamin Netanyahu and Gantz allows the premier to bring to a vote the annexations by the first of July, but, writes the newspaper, – for at that date “will not be ready, the plans and the approval of the United States”. Netanyahu, it is the law, is rather considering the possibility of a declaration.

And for the 1st of July in Gaza will start the “day of wrath” in protest against the draft israelis
Also the secretary-general of the Un Antonio Guterres, a few days ago has invited the israeli government to abandon its plans of annexation”, urging “the leaders of the israelis and palestinians to engage in a dialogue with the support of the international community”.

“The annexation of parts of the occupied west bank – said Guterres on Twitter – would be a serious violation of international law, would seriously damage the prospect of a two-state solution and undermine the possibility of the resumption of the negotiations”.

It is not obviously of the same opinion Ii, Us Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Israel has the green light of the Usa to annex the palestinian territories, he said. “The decisions on the extension of the sovereignty of Israel,” those areas are decisions that the israelis have to take,” said Pompey to the journalists. The Secretary of State has spoken a few moments after that, the Un and the arab League have joined in the appeal to Israel to abandon its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank.

Last June 10, the Supreme Court of Israel has canceled as “unconstitutional” the law of 2017 that would have legalized jewish settlements in the west bank built on private land of palestine. The decision is based on the fact, writes the Court, that the law “violates the rights of property and equality of the palestinian people, while privileging the interests of the israeli settlers on the palestinian residents”. Concerns about 4,000 houses built by the settlers.

The west bank is part, together with the strip of Gaza, the “palestinian territories” and of the historical and geographical region of Palestine. With the Oslo agreements (1993), most of the west bank has been under the administration of the palestinian national Authority, though Israel maintains the settlements and build new ones, and despite the construction of a defensive barrier along the border interim between the two States. In 2005, Israel implemented a unilateral withdrawal from only the Gaza strip, without the need to remove the embargo imposed on the entry of goods and people.