Coronavirus, ready first vaccine in China: it will be given to the army

June 29, 2020La China has approved the administration to the military for a year of the vaccine against the Covid-19 developed jointly by a team from the Academy of medical Sciences military and society CanSino Biologics. It refers to the South China Morning Post. It is the first time that the use of a vaccine anti-Covid has been authorised for experimental use on the army.

The vaccine, identified as the Ad5-nCoV, has passed the first two phases of clinical trials and according to CanSino is “safe”. Now begins phase three to verify if it actually manages to protect the recipient from infection of the Covid-19. The vaccine now is not authorized for civilian purposes. As reported by the South China Morning Post, CanSino would have reached an agreement with the canadian government to conduct there for the third phase of the trial, but the details have not been revealed.