Coronavirus: Salvini in Mondragone, whistles, insults and tension at his arrival

June 29, 2020Fischi, choirs, and cast water upon the arrival of the leader of the League. The climate of strong tension in Mondragone the arrival of Matteo Salvini. The demonstrators in the area of the dispute to the cry of the “jackal”, one of them launched against the water (“Well, I also have hot”, replied the leader league). The police have tried to drive away the protesters using batons. After a charge, the situation is back to a little more calm.

Salvini came to the edge of a car protected from the forces of the order, but immediately by the many protestors present, started the choirs “Jester, buffoon”, “the Jackal” and “Lavaci with fire”, while somebody threw water from a bottle. Salvini tried to take the word by describing the protesters as “some fool of the social centers”, but is soon interrupted, however, while a cordon of police officers is protection of Salvini and activists and members of the League present.

“Social centers in the service of the camorra. The armed wing of the left who prefer to be abusive and the camorra, to the citizens of respectable. Here in Mondragone the problem is the camorra and the mafia, I am sorry that the social centres may prefer the crime to the law”. Reporters said Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League. “We have cut the wires of electricity, but if they think they scare us with the two eggs have the wrong person so many citizens and immigrants of respectable ask us to be here”.

About 200 law enforcement agents patrol the area. To welcome Salvini also various banners that invite him to go on. In a contemporary manifestation of acronyms and anti-fascist who tried to approach the area where there is the leader of the Northern league to contest it. “Long live the good people,” says Salvini. “Italian or foreign – precise – sin that there is some gawker of the social centres that prefers lawlessness”.

Already before the arrival of Salvini there have been clashes and tension. About a hundred protesters anti salvini, arrived at the parade in front of the Buildings Cirio, where riisiede the community of the Bulgarian in quarantine for cases of infection Covid 19, have tried to force the cordon of security provided by the security forces, who responded with a maneuver of easing, by repelling Any moment of tension there was between the citizens of Mondragone, divided into two factions between pro-and against the League.

The mayor
“I prefer not to comment on that”, says the Agi the mayor of Mondragone, Virgilio Pacific, deferring to tomorrow each of his consideration of the presence in town of the leader of the league, Matteo Salvini, on the protests and on the manoeuvre of lightening and the tensions between residents in Buildings Cirio and inhabitants. ‘”We wanted to manage more confidently this situation, we will not tolerate exploitation of any kind in our city. Mondragone has many problems, we would not want that to become the pretext of a political fight that had nothing to do with the interests of the mondragonesi”.

The other 23 positives
The Crisis Unit of the Region of Campania communicates that continues the screening relative to the Municipality of Mondragone, and the surrounding areas. At the time they emerged the other 23 cases, including all the connections, rebuilt, sprung buffers are performed in the areas surrounding the former Cirio.