Coronavirus, Zaia: testing to carers of return from Countries outside the Eu. Fountain: requirement templates

June 29, 2020Test compulsory and free for carers who fall in Italy from extra-Eu Countries resuming their service in the families in the Veneto region. This was announced by the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, who pointed out that to use the service you will need to contact the regional health care system, from physicians.

“It’s a way to protect the elderly and their family members,” he stressed, explaining that “the swabs will be done in real-time”. The return from extra-Eu countries is expected by July 1.

Lombardia: masks until 14 July
“Despite the discomfort of the mask, especially with the heat of July, are of the opinion that it is necessary to continue with the maintenance until 14 July. As you can see I’m wearing it, not without sacrifice.” To write it on Facebook is the president of Lombardy regional council, Attilio Fontana, confirming the intention to extend the obligation to wear the mask. “Hand washing, distancing and face masks are giving us an answer that is comforting, limiting the number of people forced to resort to a shelter or worse to the icu,” added the governor. “It’s hot, very hot, but the opinion of virologists, he concluded, is still to maintain the precautions anti infection, first of all, the use of the mask”.