Covid-19, the data of the Ministry of Health: six dead, 305 cured, and 126 new cases of infection

June 29, 2020La latest situation in Italy and in the world

These are the data released by the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus in Italy.

Six died in the last 24 hours. The total number of victims in Italy is 34.744.

The total of the currently positive is 16.496 (down to 185).

There were 305 between discharged and recovered from yesterday, the combined total is 189.196.

Finally, the data of the total cases from the beginning of the pandemic: 240.436, which rose to 126 in the last 24 hours.

The Lombardia Region has announced that in the last 24 hours the tampons carried out were 7.991, for a total of 1.030.431. The new positive cases in the Lombardy region are 78 (of which 21 were as a result of serological tests and 28 ‘weakly positive’). The cured/discharged are 66.376, the total of which 63.908 healed and 2.468 discharged. In the icu there were 43 patients, like yesterday. Patients not in the icu: are 321 (-2). Deaths: 1, total: 16.640.