Iran, the killing of Soleimani: the prosecutor of Tehran issues an arrest warrant for Trump

June 29, 2020

Iran has issued arrest warrants for 36 citizens of the United States and other Countries, including the us president, Donald Trump, with the accusation of having ordered, prepared, or carried out the killing on the 3rd of January last at Baghdad’s general Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the forces Qods of the Pasdaran. This was announced by the prosecutor of Tehran, Alghasi Mehr, quoted by the Fars.

“The judiciary of iran has issued a ‘red alert’ to Interpol for the 36 persons sought, which are political figures, and military. These people – said the prosecutor of Tehran – are condemned per’murder’ and ‘terrorism’. The president, Donald Trump is at the top of the list and will continue to be pursued even at the end of his presidential term”.

The killing of Soleimani
On the 3rd of January last, two days after the assault on the u.s. embassy in Iraq, but the americans responded with a raid close to the airport of Baghdad. The attack, ordered by Donald Trump, and finished with the aid of drones, killed the powerful iranian general-the leader of the militias in al-Quds of the Guardians of the Revolution, the elite force of the army of the islamic Republic, in charge of performing the operations abroad.

A legendary figure that Qassem Soleimani, the man who managed to redraw the geopolitical scenarios in the Middle East in favor of Iran so much so that a former agent of the Cia referred to it as the person “most operative and powerful” of the area.

In the course of the intervention by iran in the syrian civil war began in 2011, and in the contrast of the advance of Isis in Iraq in 2014, Soleimani led the forces of Tehran’s based around the unit guided by him. With him in command, the troops of iranian and iraqi men stopped the advance of Isis in Syria and Iraq.

In 2007, Soleimani was added to the list of people affected by the Resolution of the Un security Council 1747 for his involvement in the iranian nuclear program. In 2008, he sent a message to General Petraeus claiming that he had in his hand the policy of Iran in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza, and that the same iranian ambassador in Iraq, was a member of the Pasdaran. General Petraeus described him as “a figure really evil”.

The warning Trump
Eighteen months before his death, the general began to publicly warn of Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, the gambler, I tell him, we are close to you most of what you may think. You will start the war, but we will end it”.