Jay: “In September, we have 2.5 billion for the school, found 800 million not spent”

29 June 2020,”When I arrived at the ministry I asked to see the accounts and the money spent. I was told that I was the first minister to do this question, no one else had done: there were 800 million euro of the national operational programme (Nop) of the ministry of Education has not spent and now we are spending. Then that billion that you actually sought was already there but no one had seen. Then for September we have 2.5 billion, because the 1.5 we had put in the decree to relaunch and now we have a billion more”. So, the minister for Education Jay Radio 24.

Then the minister confirms that “the schools will reopen by September 14, but starting from 1 are open for the recovery of students with educational debits. Elections on the 21st? Not relating to the schools of the second degree, is not the minister of education that decides where there are elections,” he insisted.

“Funds for the purchase of new furniture”
“The funds are intended for various aspects, such as the purchase of new furniture, desks, individual and modern, to recover space for us at the moment, on the basis of the indications of Cts, we have to keep the meter away.” – explains the minister, adding: “will Serve in addition to new spaces, new classrooms, and you think of school buildings in disuse, but also territorial pacts to bring students outside of the school, understood in the traditional way. And then a staff of teachers, because more small groups of students means more teachers. Who will check? Each to their own responsibility it is to monitor in the regional tables that you do what you must do,” concluded the minister.

“Not easy to take decisions now for September in a epidemiological picture in the meantime”
Jay defends himself from the criticisms of these weeks, in moves not only at the political level. So many, in fact, the families that went out on the streets a few days ago to contest the measures you are taking to tackle the new school year. “Take decisions in June on the basis of an epidemiological picture in progress for September is not simple. We had to think of different options on the basis of the epidemiological picture” he warns. “I think you can always do more – he admitted – but the timing comes from the fact that we do not decide alone, but ‘primarily’ on the basis of the indications of the technical-scientific Committee of the ministry. The same question of the distance of one meter does not depend on us, is linked to the epidemiological picture that is constantly changing. The guidelines have been written now, but in other european Countries, the guidelines for September still not arrived, others are arriving in these days: in short, we are going all in exactly the same way,” added the minister.

“We have done good: re-open early would have caused a spike in bird flu cases”
The minister also defends the actions of the executive: “I Am absolutely convinced of the fact that you both acted well together at all, the Government, in may we still had 500 dead and we had been warned by the re-opening of the schools too early, would have caused a spike in bird flu cases”.

“Cages of plexiglas? Hoax”
On the possible adoption of the plexiglass in the classrooms in order to avoid infections, the Jay’s reply: “it has always been a hoax. The dividers were just one among the many hypotheses of the technical-scientific Committee. But in no official document talking of cages plexiglass. This creates and fosters confusion. Is there anyone out there that is clearly in the confusion there lives well and wants to create it. At this critical moment we would like more responsibility from all.” On the question of reopening ‘early’, the minister warns: “Reopen the 20% as in France it is much easier, you have more space and fewer teachers. In France, the state exams have not been done in Italy, and I receive letters from pupils thrilled to have made the examination”.

Ronzulli (FI): “To feed the confusion is only the Jay”
“Who from the very beginning of this emergency has fueled confusion about the school and continues to do so is the minister for Jay who for months does not provide clear directions and linear, telling everything and the contrary of everything. With regard to the reopening of the schools, if the minister wants to avoid creating more chaos, to say with clarity what will happen actually on the 14th of September, and then change her mind again”. So, the group vice president of Forza Italia in the Senate Licia Ronzulli.

Salvini: “the Minister is not up to scratch”. Stone: “By Jay random numbers”
“A minister is not at the height, which does not assume the responsibility.” Hard, in the judgment of the leader of the League on the Jay. From the minister “still promises, words in freedom, and numbers to the case. After firing the figures never before seen for the school, and who continue to not see each other because of the € 2.5 billion provided for in the decree to Relaunch, only 330 million should arrive by the end of September, now is the time for the promise of an additional billion,” urges the member league Rossano Sasso, a member of the Committee on Culture and Education.

“With these hypothetical money, the Minister promises to remake the schools, buying desks and hiring more staff. Sin 330 million allocated for the 2020 want to say a little more than 6 thousand euro for the over 50 thousand schools in the national territory. Coins definitely do not allow even a tenth of that which announces Jay. In September, the school will have to face the delicate phase of the proceedings. The sin that this minister will continue to only get ‘we will, we will see, we will’, never a ‘we did’. She is approaching inexorably the bell for the last time”, concludes the league.