Liguria, the traffic and the chaos tunnels. Toti: “I had a quarrel with To of Highways”

June 29, 2020,”Sorry I was late, I was on the phone arguing with the chief executive officer of Autostrade and whatever other”. So the president of the Region of Liguria, italy, Giovanni Toti, opening the press conference in Genoa on the theme ‘Coronavirus: economic support measures to enterprises and households in the emergency and in the phase of resumption’. Likely the topic of discussion pertained to the queues and the traffic blocks due to construction that have affected the roads of the liguria region in the last few days.

Rixi: “Measure full, what is urgently called for precise answers”
“We came to the end of June,the period within which the Aspi had insured in the schedule presented to the local authorities, which would have concluded the work on the network in liguria. Instead, the region is still isolated,a prisoner of the sites, with endless queues, accidents, inconvenience and incalculable for liguria, and tourists. Lockdown, thanks to Aspie Mit, for the Liguria region continues with tremendous damage to the local economy, the first port of the Country and tourism. The measure is full: what is urgently called for precise answers and no longer be postponed, without the blackmail on yet. If you do not come, I hope for a mobilization of all the mayors of Liguria, beyond the political point of view, to hear the voice of the ligurians in Rome”. The states member of the League and head of Infrastructure Edoardo Rixi.

MIT: “No to the closure of the A26 and audits faster, more galleries”
Checks faster on the state of safety in tunnels, also through non-invasive techniques, no closure of the A26 and the first openings starting from 3 July. These are the actions shared by the ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with the concessionaire Autostrade per l’italia, during the meeting that was held yesterday, to optimize the actions for the mitigation of disruption to road traffic caused by the controls being in Liguria. Aspi has confirmed the commitment to complete within the 10th of July next, the verification activities that relate to a total of 147 galleries. At the same time, for the galleries not inspected will be instrumental testing indirect that will help you acquire a knowledge on the state of security, ensuring the transit of vehicular traffic. In addition, this survey method will not make necessary the closing of the motorway A26, which will be interrupted only during the night hours. A mode that is more responsive to the mobility needs of the Region.

Aiscat: “Liguria a unique case in Italy”
Aiscat has requested a meeting with the urgent to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to get clarification on the situation of the road system in liguria. The regulatory changes introduced by MIT last increased in relation to the planning and the implementing of inspections in the gallery, without any consequent adjustment of the timing of the interventions, generating a concentration of shipyards that causes major disruption to the road network and its users. We read in a note Aiscat.

It is important to highlight that the new procedure, launched recently by the MIT exceeds significantly on the accuracy and method of investigation the general requirements of the Circular of the ’67 and for that reason was welcomed by the entire sector. It is, however, unthinkable that MIT will continue to apply in parallel the two methods, and antagonistic to, the timing, and the consequent impact in the number and intensity of construction sites required. This choice is even more incomprehensible when you consider that no one has clarified whether the timing of the interventions indicated by MIT, are only valid for certain geographical areas, such as liguria, or for the whole national territory. In fact, while the last June 1st, the Ministry has distributed to all national concessionary to the new Guidelines for inspections in the gallery,initiating a path of effective technical comparison, some Companies have been already imposed clear deadlines for the conclusion of the inspections, thereby creating an objective, the differences. It is a choice that you do not understand the reasons.

Because the monitoring network is a strategic activity and is critical for the safety of infrastructure and users, it is absolutely necessary that it be done through schedules that can actually be completed and timing for certain, and sustainable, by applying clear rules for all. Unlike the managers do not intend to take any responsibility for any inconvenience that may result to the user from the forced choices, and not clear, beyond that imposed without any prior notice.