Merkel: there is no need of a new proposal on the fund. The negotiations will not fail because of me and Macron

June 29, 2020

“He will not fail because of us. And there is no new proposal”. The German chancellor Angela Merkel said about the negotiations on the Recovery Fund to the european council, referring to the position of Berlin and Paris. The chancellor has also pointed out that “there is a need for a new proposal” .

Merkel, tie use of funds crisis also internal reforms and’ excellent proposal
The German chancellor considers that linking the use of european resources (loans and grants) to ‘half’ the european surveillance of economic and budgetary policies is extremely useful for all’. In the press conference with the French president, Macron has cited the case of Italy: ‘The premier Earl has made of the proposals for the relaunch of the Italian economy and also to us in Germany, ‘can we invest more, and do it’. Merkel added that the idea of linking the action on the crisis even ‘to the reform agenda, it is an excellent proposal that will allow us to have many walkways and reconcile many interests’. The european semester and the period of supervision of budgetary and economic policies on the basis of the recommendations of the Eu to improve the conditions of the economy.

Macron defends the proposal of Commission
The French president, Macra has defended in toto the Commission’s proposal on financial instruments to the crisis: ‘In agreement with Merkel, the fund for the raise must be effective, therefore, it is necessary to have a component of the budget (i.e. subsidies – ed) then the mechanisms of loans with the program Sure (heath supplements), the intervention of the Eib and the Esm’. The ‘heart’ of the operation, must be the subsidies, he reiterated, indicating that the proposed 500 billion to those dedicated should not be subject to the clipping. ‘500 billion for budgetary resources (i.e. subsidies), and 250 billion of loans, and a good balance, you can discuss on the conditions, procedures and this should be defined in the next few days’.