Milan soaring, well the bank

Michela Coricelli
June 29, 2020Gli indices of the confidence of businesses and consumers improve and investors appreciate.
It was a session very positive for the european stock exchanges. Milan, maglia rosa, gained 1,69%, London closes at +1,08%, Frankfurt +1,18% and Paris + 0,73%.
The rating agency Fitch estimates that, in 2020, the Italian Gdp will shrink by 9.5% and then bounce up 4.4% in 2021 and are projected to stand at 2.1% in 2022.

In Piazza Affari, a very good banks: Bank Bpm, up almost six points, Unicredit and Mediobanca to four and a half points.
The banking sector is also affected by the reduction of the spread between Btp Italian and German Bund, reduced by up to 176 basis points, with the yield 1.29%.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones runs faster +1,73%, while the Nasdaq at +0.75%) and reflects the uncertainties of the beginning of the sitting of the securities of Facebook and Twitter, ballasted by the flight of advertisers who accuse the social network of not doing enough against the post racist.