Over and set fire to the bus with 51 kids, expertise: “Sy is aware of his gesture”

June 29, 2020Osseynou Sy, the 47-year-old origins of the senegalese in march 2019 seized, hijacked and burned a bus carrying 51 children, two teachers and a caretaker of Cream, is not affected by a “habit of mind for illness.” Write psychiatrists Renato Ariatti and Franco Martelli in the report that had been requested by the Assize Court of Milan to ascertain the “capacity to understand and desire at the time” and that was just filed.

According to the experts, Sy is not suffering “from any psychiatric disorder fit any diagnosis coded” and “it has not been possible to derive the existence, at the time of the facts, a failure of nature psychopathological having a causal relationship with the conduct antigiuridiche, referred to in the charges, that you can configure a habit of mind for illness.”

The report also reads that the man has put “in place an action which clearly represents the meaning and that brings forward in a way that is completely aware.” And again: “frankly, it is hard to see an illness of the mind at the base of the dynamics and the genesis of the fact. There is no breaking with the context of the real, which places man in a position that would prevent him conducted to the alternative, and more appropriate social conventions and respect for the law”.

The charges to the 47-year-old are killing, kidnapping and fire. A civil party in the process are the families of the 51 students on board, some of which are assisted by the lawyer Antonio Ennio Andronicus, the Municipality of Crema, and, for the only crime of fire, the owner of the vehicle. The next hearings were set for 8 and 13 July, the day in which you may get the judgment.