Policeman hit by car fleeing, is in prognosis reserved

June 29, 2020I police are looking for two people in the early hours of this morning have overwhelmed a policeman, 48-year-old, now recovering in prognosis is reserved. And’ success in Mordano, in the province of Bologna. The two would be part of a band, that is, around 4, he attempted a theft in a tobacco shop in Lugo, Ravenna. They fled, their car was intercepted by a patrol and the military has been invested. The two are wanted for attempted murder.

The military invested, the crew leader of the mobile of Imola, was brought by helicopter to the Maggiore hospital of Bologna. He reported a head trauma, the dislocation of the right shoulder and hairline fracture of a vertebra. The two thieves sought would be part of a band of four people, fled from Lugo aboard an Alfa 159. They are immediately taken to the research in the whole area. After twenty minutes, the patrol located in Mordano, via Lughese and via Cavallazzi, has cautioned the alt to an Alfa 159 that was approaching. The car stopped and two of the four passengers, they opened the doors and fled for the fields. The driver and the man sitting next resumed the race, investing in the military. A few hours later in the outskirts of Bologna, via Rivani, was found burnt by the Police, a machine that could be used by the band.