Recovery fund, the bilateral Merkel-Macron at the castle of Meseberg

June 29, 2020

Two days before the beginning of the German presidency of the Eu Council, German chancellor Angela Merkel received in Berlin, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, a historical ally with which it has recently developed the proposal for a recovery fund european post-pandemic.

Macron is a veteran of the electoral defeat of the municipal of the French, who have registered a rate record abstention and the success of the candidates in Green, while those of the Republique en marche have lost almost everywhere. The chancellor is ready to tackle the last difficult challenge of leading Europe in a phase of unprecedented crisis before leaving office.

Before leaving for Berlin, the French president receives 150 representatives of the French Convention for the climate, and we expect statements in the key environmentalist, as he has let it be known on the topic.

The themes of the “half German” at the helm of the Eu Council, the first 13 of those years, ranging from “green deal” in Brussels to the Brexit, but it will also address the issue of migration and the relations with China and the United States. But the crisis of the Covid and the dramatic ecological consequences on the old continent, that have “rocked our world”, as said some time ago, the same chancellor, will be at the centre of the agenda.

Macron was welcomed by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, to hold bilateral talks with the Eu, at the castle of Meseberg, outside Berlin. The two leaders will address, among the different themes, also of ongoing negotiations in Europe on the RecoveryFund.