Viminale: during lockdown offences, a decrease of 61%. Scams -48%, but concentrated on the sale of Ppe

June 29, 2020Il lockdown was an exceptional event that has an impact on the general trend of crime in Italy, with an overall reduction of crimes committed 61% (175.693) in the period 1 march – 10 may 2020, compared to the same period of 2019 (447.537). Indicate the data of the second report 2020 of the permanent Body for monitoring and analysis established at the central directorate of criminal Police (Italian criminalpol) and published by the interior ministry.

Data are not yet consolidated, which allow for a reading of the behavior of mass criminality and organised in a time that has no precedent. In general, there is a major downturn of the crimes of so-called predators, such as theft and robbery, which impact particularly on the perception of security, refers to the Observatory.

The decrease was the most sensitive one of the offences against property (-44,89%)
Starting from the macro-areas, the decline in the more sensitive is that of offences against property (-44,89%), inside of which are counterfeit (-83%), theft (-74%) and robbery (-63%). Decrease theft in a dwelling (-76%) and in commercial establishments (-68%). Thefts and robberies in the period under review, focused on commercial activities that remained open, such as small and large food retailers, pharmacies, newsstands and tobacco.

“Watched the special” the scams
“Watched the special” the scams, which also are in decline (-48%) in the acute phase of the pandemic, have taken advantage of the particular context-emergency: fraud in commerce, and sale of devices for health protection (masks, gloves, disinfectants) at exorbitant prices or do not comply with the regulations, of the online scams like smishing, the sms on your smartphone with a request for aid or promises of utility economic – leveraging of the global economic crisis – in exchange for personal data and credit card information, reported several times from the postal and communications Police.

In decrease also the offences against the person
Also to offences against the person are declining: among others, sexual violence -66%, child pornography -58%, homicide, volunteers -56%. As regards crimes relating to drugs – these also drop of 28%, with production and traffic, in particular, a decline of 37% – have emerged new forms of the drug are masked, for example, by food delivery (drug – drivers with delivery door to door, and, at times, use of the app and electronic payments), or by car sharing. High attention, finally, to the danger of mafias with regard to environmental crimes, related in particular to the construction and disposal of the waste.

Environmental pollution in the decline of 82,4%, but the combustion illegal rose by 8.4%
The environmental pollution results in decrease of 82,4%, and organized activities for illegal waste trafficking have declined 70.8 percent, but the burning illegal is a climb of 8.4%. On the front of the disposal, the Police have started investigations specific for the cycle of special waste, medical.