Von der Leyen, approve Recovery by the summer break

June 29, 2020È important that we finish before the summer break”. He says the president of the Eu Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in an interview to Handelsblatt, in regard to the negotiation of the Recovery Fund. If given the differences existing at the summit of mid-July come to an agreement he will serve another: “or we can be on the first or we are going to need a second, either way we have to work up to the point that the package is started. We can’t afford a summer break until that moment,” he says.

We have chosen with good reason that the recovery plan provides two-thirds of the grant and one-third of the loans. The stimulus package should make the european countries stronger, and the ones most indebted”. It continues, “we Cannot take to any Country more and more debt and in an unlimited way, otherwise the weight of increasingly high rates run the risk of suffocation,” he adds. “This is to promote the well-being of Europe,” he concludes.

The eu continues recovery feeling cheap, Italy third
Increases in the meantime, the sentiment of economic in the Eurozone and in the Eu (+8,2, +8,1): the indicator of the Esi register due to the significant growth in France (+9,4), the Netherlands (+8,3), Spain and Italy (both +8,2). In net improvement in the indicator of expectations on employment: +12,7 points in the Eurozone, and a +11.9 for the Eu-27.