Zanardi, new surgery, neurosurgery. Stable conditions, the prognosis remains reserved

June 29, 2020Alex Zanardi underwent a second surgery to neurosurgery. This was made known by the hospital of siena Le Scotte, where the Italian rider is in hospital since June 19, following the incident with the handbike in Pienza.

After the surgery, which lasted about 2 and a half hours, Zanardi was again hospitalized in intensive care unit “where she remained sedated and intubated, and his conditions are stable from the point of view of cardio-respiratory and metabolic, severe neurological point of view, the prognosis remains reserved”.

The new operation, explain the health, it was decided as a result to a Tac control. The diagnostic test has “highlighted the evolution of the state of the patient, which has made it necessary to resort to a second surgery to neurosurgery”. “The intervention,” explains the medical director of the Aou Senese, Roberto Gusinu – represents a step that had been speculated by the team. Our professionals will evaluate the day-to-day evolution of the situation, in agreement with the family the next bulletin will be issued in approximately 24 hours”.