Coronavirus. 41.500 new cases in 24 hours, America is forced to close

30 June 2020Gli United States have reported more than 41.586 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, as is evident from the database of the Johns Hopkins University. The total number of infections exceeds so 2,59 million. The deaths are at least 126.141. The wave of cases of the coronavirus that is unfolding on the Southern States of the Usa is forcing America to close.

More than 40 thousand cases in the Houston region
Particularly critical is the situation in the Houston region – where, according to the latest data available, show 40.720 cases, while the deaths are arrived at 526. Infections in Texas have exceeded 150,000 and the dead are more than 2,400. The inmates in the State are over 5,000 per day. The Texas Medical Center in Houston last Thursday had claimed to have reached the 100% of the capacity in the icu, but then remove the data from its web site, according to reports on the request of the governor Greg Abbott has promptly denied. Abbott has reordered the stop of non-urgent surgery, the closure of the bar and is limited to 50% of the capacity of the restaurants. He urged people to stay at home, but without imposing it by law. Even the use of masks in public is mandatory, while many people continue to express skepticism about the dangers of the virus. The beaches are uncrowded and the locals as well.

After Miami Beach, meanwhile, also Los Angeles announces the closing of the beaches for the weekend of Independence Day, from 3 to 6 July next. The decision was announced via Twitter by the local authorities to combat the spread of coronavirus with the outbreaks in the exponential growth especially in the Southern States of the Usa. The county of San Diego, California, has ordered the temporary closure of bars, breweries and wine bars to combat the spread of the virus

The governor of Georgia signing executive orders to extend the state of emergency
The governor of Georgia, in the Usa, Brian Kemp, has signed two executive orders to extend the state of emergency for the coronavirus, until 11th August, and to extend the restrictive measures aimed at limiting contagion. Kemp has confirmed the order to comply with the distancing of association, the prohibition of aggregation with more than 50 people, and the sanitary measures for commercial establishments.

The only medication against the coronavirus from 1 July will be paid
Is raising controversy in the meantime, the news that the drug remdesivir product from Gilead will cost an average of 3.120 dollars per patient in the Usa. The price of the drug, the only approved in the United States by the Fda (Food and Drug Administration) against the coronavirus has been made known by the pharmaceutical company that produces it. Up to now, the medicine was free, distributed in the U.s. by Gilead Sciences, but from the next first of July will be paid.

The situation is dramatic also in the rest of the world where they continue to rise in the cases covid-19 and the deaths. In Australia, in Melbourne, on 10 neighborhoods in lockdown. In Japan, for two consecutive days, the cases have already exceeded 100, and in Russia grow at exponential outbreaks: nearly 7 thousand in 24 hours.

Russia has registered 6.693 cases Covid-19 in the last 24 hours
Russia has registered 6.693 cases Covid-19 in the last 24 hours – 6.719 in the detection of earlier – bringing the total budget to 647.849. He indicated the centre of the response to the coronavirus in the Country. “In the last 24 hours, Russia has confirmed 6.693 cases Covid-19 in 84 regions, concerning 2,019 (30.2%) were detected actively, with people who do not show clinical symptoms,” said the centre response in a note, adding that the total budget is increased to 647.849 cases in 85 regions, with the increase in the daily that was reduced to 1 percent. Of all the newly detected cases, 745 were confirmed in Moscow, 301 in the Moscow region and 279 in the autonomous area Khanty-Mansi (compared to 782, 335 and 277 of the previous report, respectively).

Australia. Outbreaks in Melbourne, 10 neighbourhoods in lockdown
Outbreaks of Covid-19 emerged in Melbourne have forced to close from tomorrow to ten the suburbs of the city, the second most populous of Australia. The state of victoria, that Melbourne, the capital, has recorded 64 new cases of Covid-19, have announced today the local authorities, and premier Daniel Andrews has decided for the closure of the areas in which it was concentrated the majority of cases. The police will verify the respect of the restrictive measures – which provide for the exit of the house just for the expense, care, work or school. Restrictions deeply painful for the businesses involved, some of which opened only recently, has recognized the premier.

In Japan you skim over the thousand victims
Japan has recorded 111 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, confirming for the second consecutive day, a number of outbreaks of more than 100. This was announced by the ministry of japanese Health care. The total budget of the infections from the beginning of the epidemic is 19.305. The number of victims related to the Covid-19, instead, is equal to 985.