Deaths in the Rsa, investigating director of the Asl Vercelli

30 June 2020Un another name has been entered in the register of suspects in the investigation on the deaths, more than forty during the emergency Coronavirus in nursing homes of piazza Mazzini, Vercelli. It is Clear Serpieri, director general of the Asl Vercelli. Omission of acts of office for the crime envisaged by pm David Pretti.

The scrutiny of the investigators, according to what was mentioned on the local pages of the Press, the delay in the activation of the vigilance committee, for the assessments on compliance with the security measures inside the structure. This is the first general manager of the Asl, in Piedmont, to be investigated for the management of the emergency Coronavirus.

According to the prosecution, the Asl Vercelli would not have taken measures sufficiently timely after the communication of the difficult situation within the Rsa of the piazza Mazzini, the direction. The director of the structure, Alberto Cottini, the first to be investigated together with the director of health Sara Bouvet, would have been convened by the health Company after one week from the first requests for help. To the Medicis, which at the time makes no representations, has been seized the mobile phone.