Drug, Dcsa: the growing consumption of synthetic substances among young people

30 June 2020È a danger of the treacherous but always more constant, especially among young people. Are the synthetic drugs. The warning comes in the latest annual Report of the central Directorate for services to drug. If the seizures in 2019 are still contained, the increase +95,6% for quantities and +32,1% by weight, confirms the growing prevalence, especially among young people.

The sale on the web
The threat – warn the analysts – is not yet to the levels of the other substances, but it is assumed that, in the coming years, the controls will have to deal with this phenomenon and its insidious mode of enlarging the offer: in the era of e-commerce orders and transactions travel on the web and the delivery takes place by post in a completely anonymous way.

Emergency for new molecules
Identical to that of the synthetic drugs is the phenomenon of new psychoactive substances, molecules for the most part, synthetic origin, originated from a constant manipulation of the chemical structures of the basis of the psychotropic substances already subject to control, manufactured with the objective of placing on the market of illegal substances removed from the controls, because they are not included in the tables, the international. Last year, the National System of Early Warning of the Department for anti-drug policies, with which the Dcsa works, has discovered, thanks to the work of the forces of the order of 15 molecules new and not covered in the tables the official. Most of them are cannabinoids, cathinones, and opioids, are already present in the products psychoactive products destined for consumption. This substances not yet particularly widespread in our Country, but ” it is necessary to keep a high level of attention to avoid being caught out by the new phenomena of consumption and for some countries overseas now represent a real public health emergency,” the report says.

Increase deaths per overdose
In 2019 in Italy the deaths from overdose have been 373, 11% more compared to 336 the previous year, the trend confirms an increase for the third consecutive year. To cause half of all deaths are opioids, 169 heroin, 16 methadone, 1 fentanyl, and 1 morphine. Since 1973, the year in which began the surveys in Italy on deaths from drug abuse, a total of 25.780, deaths from drug use.

Dealers more and more young people
The growing number of minors, foreign and Italian, involved in the sale of hashish and marijuana. The seizures of these substances in 2019, record a significant decline, but the number of juveniles responsible for the crime of drug dealing, 958 in all, of which 808 Italian and 150 foreign, confirms very high compared to the 224 for cocaine and just 27 for the heroine. “It is a datum to be monitored carefully in the future – is explained in the report, taking into account not only the age of the reported but also of the spread of these substances in the phenomena of consumption relating to the juvenile population”.

The pusher foreigners
The data relating to foreigners involved in trafficking and in drug-trafficking, despite a slight decline (-3,48%), remains in line with the detection of the previous year: the number of them, 13.775, of which more than 9.650 arrested, continues to represent just over a third (39,45%) of all incidents reported for this type of crime, and ranks among the highest ever recorded in the survey ten years if you exclude that it is much larger, the last two years. It’s more a case of unskilled workers non – moroccans, albanians, nigerians, gambians, tunisians and senegalese, which has the task to supply the squares of shop national. If you take in consideration the participation in the same crime in its associative dimension, the number of foreigners, while showing a percentage increase (+7,58%) compared to 2018, amounted to just above the 860 units.

Rivers of cocaine and the interests of the clan
Drug seizures show a dramatic increase for the cocaine, which amounted to +127,61%, with the record fee of 8 tons, taken from the illegal market, the quantity higher from 2010 to the present. Another central theme of the report, the “routes” of drug trafficking, which, however, does not have elements of novelty. The business of the drug is confirmed to be the most profitable for criminal organizations, the ‘ndrangheta of calabria at the head, and the fight against drugs remains the most incisive tool to target the strength of these criminal organizations and the complex supply chain that revolves around such trades.