Mes of discord: clash in the majority among the Pd and the M5s and out between Fi, Alloy and Fdi

30 June 2020L’last up to the Mes of the Movement 5 stars arrived last night, at the beginning of the summit of the leaders of the government. The opposition to the fund save States is compact – refers to those who were present at the meeting – and the political leader Vito Crimi has not appreciated those who, in the parititi of the majority, on this topic you are “moving with ways, and accents that do not accord with this crucial phase for the Country”. Crimi reiterated the importance of the full involvement of the Legislators “even in the preparatory phase of the decrees”, and it is in this direction you are already moving to the next action in processing.

Luigi Di Maio looks to Europe: “The Ecb has given us a great support by buying our government securities. The tools there are now, and we must recognize it. So enough whining, it’s up to the government to prove up to the challenge. President Conte goes on to say that it will be sufficient to the Recovery Fund and we have to trust his word”.

The democratic Party insists on the yes to 37 billion euros for health. The chairman of the senate dem, Andrea Marcucci, proposes the appointment of a Guarantor for the health care Fund. A figure of authority that reassures first of all, those who think that Europe is able to hide something about the use of these funds”.

“All of the objective reasons lead to say that do not understand why we have to say no”, but instead says to the Sky , Piero Fassino, who harshly criticizes the Movement. “The attitude of the M5s is unacceptable. Do not plant a flag, and then it says don’t move from there for reasons that are purely ideological. The argument that is alleged in the newspapers is that the Movement rule because some don’t agree. Come before the interests of a Country or a party? In the name of an interest of the party to sacrifice the interest of the Country. I find it senseless”.

For Matteo Renzi, leader of Italy alive, “is the key to quickly close the game on the 37 billion that serve our health and that, for one reason-ideological, would someone want to throw away”.

The centre-right on the issue proves to be divided. For Silvio Berlusconi to reject it would be an act of absolute masochism for us and also an unforgivable insult to Europe”. The leader of Forza Italy responds that of the League, Matteo Salvini, who in a visit to Castel Volturno says: “Bring to the classroom, the Mes and let’s see what will vote in the Parliament that is sovereign. I think the majority is absolutely in favour of the national interest, the important thing is the vote, will bring the Mes in the Parliament and let’s see what happens”.

Francesco Lollobrigida, confirms the line of Brothers of Italy: “In Europe there are those who would ricattarci to force us to accede to the Esm. And in Italy there is someone who is available to accept the blackmail. Brothers of Italy is asking the Parliament to vote to avoid this useless and harmful,” says the group leader to the Room of the party, Giorgia Meloni.

Outside the Parliament, come the stresses of Stefano Bonaccini. “From the president of the Regions I say that we of those resources we need, and we need it soon, also to kick-start the economy”: so the president of the Region Emilia Romagna and of the Conference of the Regions, Stefano Bonaccini, speaking at The 7. “I am not an econimista, he said, but I have always explained since, as a child in ages, recessive serving measures anticiliche from a gigantic plan of public investments and also from health, god forbid. And then there is the theme of the infrastructure, on which we could open a nice chapter. I’m just saying that we need it, and I share that you take that money”.

Also from the world of work arriving took position in net. Italy can’t afford to waste “the unique opportunity” to spend resources, which you may be from Europe, “because it is also the opportunity to change” the Eu. He said the secretary general of the Cgil, Maurizio Landini, in the course of a debate on the Collective platform. “There will be another occasion when Europe tells us to do debt and make investments,” he added. “It’s time to spend, and there is to stand on the side of the quality of the work, of rights, of democracy. This is the battle that we want to do together”.

The summit of the majority on the Dl simplifications
In the late afternoon today, according to what is learned, will be held at palazzo Chigi a new vertex of the majority. At the meeting, in addition to the premier, will be present the heads of delegation of the majority and it is expected the presence of the holder of the Mef, Roberto Gualtieri. The summit will have as its first dossier on the table, the decree simplifications, in view of the council of Ministers was expected in the week, but between the points to the centre of the meeting there will also be economic measures in the pipeline in the government, from the new “manovrina” the extension of the Cig in derogation, and the possible implementation of new incentives for companies that hire.