Milan is weak, but record quarter

Michela Coricelli
30 June 2020L’boot opposed to Wall Street – with the Dow Jones down 0.22% and the Nasdaq rose by half a point – it does not help the price lists in europe, all in negative territory, with the exception of Frankfurt (+0,13%). Weigh on industrial stocks, the decline of oil, with Wti around $ 39 per barrel and Brent below $ 41.

In Europe Milan cede 0.66%, but is about to close a good month of June at + 6% and above a quarter bouncing or 14.8%.
Today the bag the worse is London, which loses more than one percentage point.

The spread between Btp and Bund, is a decline of 173 points with the performance of our title ten-year to 1.25%. Today at the auction of government securities interest rates decline. The Treasury has placed a total of 7.7 billion of Btps and Ccteu. In particular, were placed 3-billion-Btp 5-year yield down to 0,68%, Btp 10-year yield to 1.28 and the other Btp 10-year yield to 1,26%.
The Btp see a better performance compared to the rest of the industry in the euro area, with the exception of Greece.