Palermo, mafia control about festivals and trade meat: 11 arrests

30 June 2020Le investigations, culminated today in the operation, “Alastra” with the 11 latches of the police to the detriment of the district of San Mauro Castelverde in Palermo, have highlighted the role played by Giuseppe Farinella, son of Dominic Farinella, boss of the cosa nostra at the time held in the town of Voghera in a regime of high security. A control system based on the relations of consanguinity which allowed the boss held to maintain the control of the district. Despite his young age, the scion has had the task of coordinating the other members of the group, which operated on the territory, cooperating with a history of mafia-Tusa (Messina), Joachim Spinnato, who handled the contacts with the affiliates of the other districts, among which Filippo Salvatore Bisconti, former head of the mandamento mafia of Belmonte Mezzagno, now a collaborator of justice

It emerged clearly that the activity estorsiva, the instrument through which the organization exercises control on the territory, continues to be a form of livelihood as the primary one for the mafia clans. Thanks to the activities of investigation and the collaboration of entrepreneurs, dissatisfied, were, in fact, reconstructed 11 events estorsive (5 consumed) and (6 attempts).

The victims were forced to pay the pizzo, or to buy supplies of meat from a butcher’s shop of Finale di Pollina, managed by Joseph Scialabba, the right arm of Giuseppe Farinella. The tentacles of the district were extended also on the organization of the Oktoberfest 2018 in Finale di Pollina, when, to prevent the participation in the festival of a dealer that had not bowed to the impositions of the clan, the suspects had not hesitated to devastargli the stand.

With the freedom, in April 2019, Dominic Farinella has decided to concentrate in its hands the summit of the clan, and has ordered to the members free to step up the presence on the territory, thus starting a new spiral of extortion to the detriment of the traders. Precious, in this sense, were the testimonies of the victims who, rebelling against the criminal, have found the courage to denounce the initiative, and to cooperate with the police. Registered puree the capillary and suffocating influence of the mafia on the economic fabric, not only through the laying on of the lace, but also through the “sensaleria” in the affairs of individuals and through the direct management of activity of the enterprise which, fictitiously registered in the name of subjects clean records, were in fact administered by the suspects. For the purpose of circumventing any protective measures, in fact, Giuseppe Farinella and Joseph Scialabba had made either to third persons, as owners, respectively, of a betting center of Palermo and a health of Finale di Pollina, subject to seizure, the value of one million euros.