School, the alarm of the Cisl: 85mila chairs discoveries

30 June 2020Sono 85.150 the chairs vacant for the school year 2020-2021, a real record. Last year it was 64.149. The data are provided by the Cisl school. “We will have a beginning of the year complicated, the search for substitutes, especially in the North, i.e. in the areas most affected by the covid – explains the secretary of the Cisl school Magdalene Gissi – you can do it only for contests, as has been done in the last 4anni, but it is necessary a procedure for the recruitment and stabilization, as is the case in the Public Administration and in all working contexts as asked by the Court of Justice of the european union”.

Numbers, which reaffirms the trade unionist of Cisl, “do not depend on the current minister. And’ the effect of planning is untenable on the part of the Ministry in these last 4 years because, as we have repeatedly stated, the procedures assunzionali not have guaranteed the stabilization of staff in precarious already in service for years. In fact, for the assumptions on the share 100 the absence of candidates to full title in the rankings to exhaustion, and the competition has made it impossible to cover all of the 4,500 authorized by the Mef reducing more than a thousand units and the recruitment program”.

For Gissi, therefore, “the school, as is the case for the public service, must identify the formulas of recruitment that take into account future competitions, but also of the tens of thousands of questions from the board, avoiding to leave hundreds of thousands of alternates to the management of the activities of the regular educational”.