Seven convictions for the shooting of 2013, 8 years at Ottavio’s Sword for attempted murder

30 June 2020Oltre 20 years in prison distributed in seven convictions to members of the clan Sword, were inflicted by the judges of the first court of assizes of Rome in relation to a firefight between rival clans took place on the 17th of July, 2013, at Ostia. The judges have done 8 years at Ottavio’s Sword, accused of attempted murder.

Among the condemned, also the Carmine Sword, for which the judges have ordered 3 years of imprisonment. The shooting was an eyewitness to the journalist of the newspaper The Republic, Federica Angeli, who told investigators what he had seen. A decision which determined the allocation of a stock that he still follows the chronicler.

The angels: “I Am happy”
“I’m glad that my testimony, on which is based the whole process being that I am the only eye-witness, may have led to a sentence of 8 years for Ottavio Sword. I waited 7 years to get the judgment, they gave him a year more than those that I ‘assume’ I under escort”.. he said Federica Angeli, the journalist of the newspaper La Repubblica, commenting on the judgment.

Have sentenced to 8 years for attempted double murder Ottavio Sword.
My testimony, on which rested the whole of this process has led to a condemnation of the sample.
7 years in the company in exchange for 8 of the prison.
Okay so by the…🙂#amanodisarmata

— Federica Angeli (@FedeAngeli) June 30, 2020