The audio on the judgment that condemned Berlusconi, antonio Tajani: “the Coup of the judiciary against democracy”

June 30, 2020

Emerges a sound in the judgment of the Supreme court in 2013 sentenced Berlusconi to prison for tax fraud. Seven years later, a recording of a telephone conversation, aired yesterday in the course of the transmission of the Fourth Republic, on the Network 4, casts heavy shade on the outcome of that process, and it burst the controversy.

In the audio, you hear the speaker of the sentence, the magistrate Amedeo Franco, say the same of Berlusconi, have had the “impression that this whole affair has been guided from on high.” A process driven, in short. The outcome of which had already been decided.

And’ Antonio Tajani, today, to intervene on the matter. “Mattarella know the facts, we are convinced that as well as being chairman of the Csm will follow with great attention what happens in the world of justice, we have confidence in him and we are sure that you will continue to give indications that in the country there is a right justice. In Italy, you should not happen what happened to Silvio Berlusconi,” said the vice-president of Forza Italia, during a press conference on the judgment.

According to Tajani, “that the judgment was not wrong, only for incompetence, but because there was a clear political will to hit Silvio Berlusconi, the leader of the largest political force in the country. Saw that no one could defeat with the elections, and then sought to defeat it through the courts”.

“The words spoken by mr Franco – he added – we do understand that there was a true coup of the judiciary against Berlusconi and against the democracy of our country. Someone from the top has driven the judgment, and we would like to know who”, because “hitting that man has not only affected the person and his family, but all those who had taken freely of it”.

“This event – said Tajani – confirmation that we were right when we asked for a reform of the justice and the separation of careers”, “the principle of the law the same for everybody for Berlusconi is not worth, the law to him was different than the other”. “What we do, we do it because no one else should go through what has passed for Berlusconi,” he observed.

“Now the commission of inquiry”
“Democracy in our Country has been hit: we are now requesting the establishment of a Commission of inquiry on what happened to Berlusconi, but also all over the bad functioning of the criminal justice system, starting from Togliatti when he added the judges, who came from the Pci, before that by the State.”