the ‘ndrangheta, the investigation in Torino: among the suspected police agents and penitentiary police

30 June 2020, The Mobile Team of Turin and the Core Investigative dei Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Cuneo have sgominato a partnership of the mafia ‘ndranghetistico stable in the province of Cuneo. Twelve of the ordinances of remand issued by the court of Turin for the association of the mafia and drug trafficking. Made about thirty searches. The investigation activity was coordinated by the Antimafia District department of Turin.

Among the suspects there are three police officers and two agents of the penitentiary police. The survey, carried out by the Turin police headquarters and the police of the Wedge, the activity of a “local” ndrangheta in Bra(Cuneo), due to the family Luppino, a native of Sant’eufemia of Aspromonte.