Antitrust: start proceedings against Alitalia and Volotea

03 July 2020L’Antitrust authority initiated two proceedings instructors and two sub-protective measures in respect of Alitalia and Volotea. The object of the proceedings is the sale of tickets that were later cancelled by two airlines because of Covid-19, although the services to be carried out in the period in which they would not have been in force, the limits of movement established by the measures taken by the government.

The Voucher for refunds
Both companies, according to a note of Authority, they have offered the provision of a voucher in place of the refund of the ticket price already paid by the consumers.

Little information on the rights
Also, according to the Antitrust, both Alitalia Volotea have not provided an adequate informazioneai consumers as to the rights in case of cancellations.

Little assistance and information
Companies, has finally been challenged after setting up a service of assistance deficient on waiting times and on the channels of communication made available to passengers.

First on the List: first to denounce
“The Codacons was the first association to denounce that in Italy the tickets for ‘ghost’ sold by the airlines, which then obliterated the flights with the excuse of the Covid, not to return the money to users.” Says the president of Codacons, Carlo Rienzi, commenting on the investigations initiated by the Antitrust authority in respect of Alitalia and Volotea.”Thanks to our exposed – adds – the-trust is enabled, but unfortunately there are many airlines that have applied the same unfair practice, and we are overwhelmed by the reports of the passengers that you see only recognize a voucher”. “If, as we reported – continues on the List -, the Antitrust authority will ensure that the flights were cancelled for reasons not attributable to the Covid, Alitalia and the other airlines not only have to repay money to its customers, but will be submerged by an avalanche of cases for damages on the part of the List to the unfair commercial practice implementation”.

Federconsumatori: to intervene the Enac
“After the sale flights are non-existent, is emerging a new, significant problem in the context of tourism and transport. These days are multiplying reports of Alitalia: the company is adopting carried out certainly not fair and transparent, both in the context of the marketing of the flights for refunds of cancelled flights”. So Federconsumatori, in a note, explaining that “more and more users are turning to sites Federconsumatori referring to non-refund of cancelled flights, even two or three months ago, as well as the almost total unavailability of the call center should provide information to customers and assist them in case of problems and difficulties. Many customers of the carrier to denounce the inability not only to get a refund, in cash or with a voucher, the amount paid, but also get in touch with the company to get directions on the programming of the flight, refund and the outcome of the questions presented”. According to Federconsumatori, “it is absolutely unacceptable for the airline to show a such filibuster, even and especially in a context as complicated as the current one. The condition of extraordinary administration by the time versa, the company does not justify certain conduct that appears to all of the effects-oriented to ignore the rights of the users. In the face of the growing volume of reports we ask you to immediately launch an investigation and if necessary intervention by Enac to verify the conduct, and the responsibilities of the company and in particular to ensure the observance of the regulations. Such behavior, in fact, translates into a real abuse of power, because the users are not be able to intervene in no way to get what they are entitled to”.