England has reopened its borders with 60 Countries, including Italy, from 10 July

03 July 2020Dal 10 July, the british tourists will return to do the holidays in Italy, Spain, France and Germany without having to submit to quarantine once they return home. This was announced by the minister of Transport, uk, Grant Shapps, pointing out that in a few hours will be announced the list of 60 Countries and territories to which will be revoked the restrictive measures of travel anti-coronavirus.

The government would have wished that the initiative was shared with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but at the moment, the exemption only covers England. “There will be a list of more than 50 Countries, adding to the overseas territories will have more than 60, which will be made public today,” said Shapps, pointing out that this is the “next step in the careful re-opening of our great Country”.

In the list there should be the majority of the Eu Countries as well as Turkey.