Mesina nowhere to be found after final conviction by the Supreme court

03 July 2020Graziano Mesina, the former primula rossa del Supramonte, condemned yesterday in a final 30 years for criminal association aimed at drug trafficking, is nowhere to be found.

When the Police last night, after the verdict of the Supreme court that the condemnation permanently to 30 years, were presented at his home in Orgosolo to take him in prison, Mesina was not there. Yesterday afternoon, before the judgment, for the first time after a year, it is not presented to the carabinieri station of Orgosolo to the signature.

Graziano Mesina yesterday he expected the judgment to Orgosolo with her side the lawyer Maria Luisa Vernier, while the other legal Beatrice Goddi and discussed at the Rome court of Cassation. But then in the late afternoon, when it seemed that the date of the judgment should be postponed, the attorney-Vernier has returned to Cagliari and Messina is left alone at the house.

The two legal were displaced by the escape of their assisted, but for the moment prefer not to comment on the point. The advocate Goddi, in some interviews he has said: “we did Not expect the rejection of the appeal because there were points relating to the territorial competence on which we were aiming. The more serious crime was the criminal conspiracy relating to Orosolo and the competent court for the proceedings must be one of Nuoro, for this we thought of a second. Also Mesina was optimistic, “concludes the legal – and waited for the judgment serenely”

Mesina, 78 years of age, he had been convicted of murder, then why it is considered responsible for a series of kidnappings, during the years ’60 and ’80. Since June of last year was in Orgosolo, released for commencement of pre-trial detention, pending trial before the court of Cassation, to which he had turned with his lawyers to overturn the decision of the judges of Cagliari.