Salvini returns to Mondragone: “Italians and foreigners can’t take any more of the Rom that make the casino”

03 July, 2020″I will Continue to return in the area of Caserta and the Campania region until when it will be placed in the center of the work, safety, and tranquility of the people.” The said League leader Matteo Salvini, in the course of a surprise visit in Mondragone (Caserta), the second after Monday when there were complaints and incidents with the activists of the social centers of the neapolitan.

“I’m here for italians and foreigners who can’t take any more of the Rom that make the casino”
“As promised, I’m back in Mondragone (Caserta). Without the thugs of the social centres and the friends of the gangsters throw rocks and bottles, I could listen to the producers of mozzarella di bufala campana, the mothers with disabled children without necessary support, the merchants, and the bathing in difficulty, the rescuers of 118 working for 3 euros per hour, italians and foreigners who can’t take any more of the Rom that make the casino. The Campania deserves better, I’m here”.

“Usatemi as a promoter of tourism”
“I would like to be used as a promoter of tourism to these places and these goodness”. He said the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, this morning at Mondragone (Caserta), in reference to the locality along the Domizio coastline and its agricultural production and dairy farming.

Italy-Bulgaria. “It is not a game of the World cup”
If someone asks what you can do to lessen the conflict between the italians and the bulgarians, lit up after the infections by coronaviruses, which have affected several workers in the Bulgarian residents in the buildings of the ex-Cirio, Salvini says, “not a problem between Italy and Bulgaria in the semi-finals of the World championships, there are people of respectable, and the profiteers and criminals. I believe that the issue here is, I do not say that it is easily fixable because I have seen it around Italy in the worst situations. The problem here is the economic recovery, and agriculture in the knee, and the mozzarella di bufala that is suffering from the image not just the shining of this earth, which, however, has the potential enormous.”

“Before you send the De Luca and the better it is”
“To the Government with the Pd and 5 Stars, I’m not going and not going back there. The main way is to give the word to the people, before you vote, the better it is. In Campania you vote and before sending to casa De Luca, the better it is”.