Traffic Genoa, tilt, miles of queues. Toti: the morning madness. Ministry: in progress audits

03 July 2020L’the whole of the traffic of Genoa went into a tailspin this morning, with miles of queues due to the prolongation of the unexpected closure of the stretch of the A10 between the junction with the A26 and Arenzano, in the direction of Savona. Registered 20 miles of queue in the city from Sampierdarena to Arenzano. Subsequently, the stretch was re-opened

“Another morning of madness on the highways of Liguria”. So on Facebook the governor of the ligurian Giovanni Toti about the long queues formed in the morning, between yards, and a night-time inspection, has not respected the time of re-opening” on the A10, between the junction with the A26, and Arenzano.

“From the ministry of Transport, not even a line to respond to our requests. Not one. In addition to incompetence, it is rudeness and lack of respect for the thousands of people trapped on the highways. The arrogance and the inability of a minister and of a government that had never arrived to so much. These choices,” says Toti, “they are destroying our economy and put at risk the health and lives of people, as they wrote yesterday, the managers of our 118, who daily see their ambulances nailed in traffic with the sick on board. I repeat: by the ministry of Transport even two rows! This is the loyal cooperation provided for by our Constitution!”.

On the chaos of the highways of Genoa, the secretary for Transport Roberto Traversi says in Radio Cusano Campus: “The situation is intolerable, already from the fall of the Bridge Morandi. From that day on, there has obviously been the investigation of the power of Attorney and a whole series of investigations has been digging and has found a little bit of everything, especially the confirmation of the lack of maintenance and it also emerged the issue of false reports regarding the gallery. This has led slowly to the present situation. This investigation leads now to have a test different from the one you did before, because before the same Aspi did the tests, now not so. Now, each gallery must be upheld, make the investigation precise, and this work has to be done with extreme urgency. You are proceeding in the name of security with regard to the Ministry. These checks are done with a circular of 1967. We need to improve all of these things, because with modern systems, perhaps, would be the first. Obviously this is the situation that we found ourselves. There is a whole policy to be put in process, as well as those who have not done the maintenance”.