Jay: “We are working on organic”. Sileri: “the Medical school could be useful”

21 July 2020″On the organic’re working on, it is clearly a labor of both the ministry of Education is looking to the needs of the territories, then I would reassure. They don’t do well at this time, the tone alarmist or apocalyptic”. The states, the minister of Education, Lucy Jay, today in Bologna, has participated in the regional table for the resumption of schools in September in Emilia-Romagna. In Emilia-Romagna, a few days ago, on the theme organic was launched the alarm of trade unions according to which there is a shortage of 17,000 teachers.

Jay, at the end of the meeting today, please do not use tones, “apocalyptic”, because “we in September we will return to school and families need to receive this message from the ministry but also of the whole community that even this morning here in Emilia, has been shown to work with great compactness”. At the table “today, there were also the trade unions, we compared – says the minister – and there are two aspects. Most of the entries in role”, on which “we made a request to the ministry of Economy and Finance, very precise. The other side is required, which will be given, thanks also to the new provincial candidate list that are digital and are a way to expedite transactions.

Sileri: “Reasoning from the scriptures on the presence of a medical school”
To September “our schools will open again in safety thanks to the careful work done by the minister Lucy Jay and the ministry of Education, which have developed screening with swabs and serological tests, to complement the rules on the meter of distance as a measure of safety, hand hygiene and masks”. He says in a note to the deputy minister of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, which underlines how security support can be offered by the medical school, the role of which “it can be useful regardless of the Covid-19”.

“It may be useful to think for the months to come, – said the senator M5s – on the presence of a doctor or a figure dedicated to the care of the health of students in institutes,” to “attrezzarci the best and to make your system a defense that will be useful regardless of the Covid”. This figure was expected in the schools from italy, but was then abolished. The idea to reintroduce it had been advanced some time ago by the then Health minister Giulia Grillo. Among the tasks of the medical school could be part of the support on issues such as proper nutrition, safe sex, psychological support, prevention of bullying and alcohol and drug consumption.