The police arrested remain in jail, the gip: “Can pollute the proofs”

July 30, 2020

Remain in prison, the police arrested in the investigation into the Odysseus programme of the Prosecutor of Piacenza, which has also led to the seizure of the barracks of the station ‘Levante’ of the Weapon, the first case in Italy.

According to the Gip, Luca Milani, after the interrogation of warranty, even if it is attenuated, the risk that they commit more crimes, since the military have been immediately suspended from service, however, there remains the danger of pollution probative.

The investigation of the Guardia di Finanza and coordinated by the prosecutor Grazia Pradella and by pm Matteo Centini) and Antonio Colonna, is in fact still ongoing, and new developments are expected in the next few days. Among the reasons for which the court has not accepted the request for withdrawal or replacement of the measure more restrictive, there is the fact that the statements made by those who answered the questions, denying its role in the serious offenses charged, diverge significantly from the version given by the pinned Joseph Campbell, considered the key figure in the group finished in the crosshairs of investigators to facts dispatch, torture, extortion and not only.

Montella, “a thug, in the etymological sense, and the legal term”, as we read in the papers of the pm that reconstruct the ‘raids’ of the police ‘infidels’, has chosen a line of “full cooperation, clarifying, explicit, and without hesitation,” to use the words of one of its lawyers, the lawyer Giuseppe Dametti, at the end of the interrogation. His partner, meanwhile, Maria Luisa Cattaneo, who for the investigators was his accomplice, he obtained an attenuation of the injunction. Defense lawyer Daniel Pezza, remains under house arrest, but will be able to leave the house to see his children and, also, in agreement with the company for which he works, can do smart working. The same legal also defends Matthew’s Garden, the father of Alex, Simon and Daniel, accused of being the pushers of reference of the group. For him, the public Prosecutor’s office has asked the Gip has accepted an aggravation: from home to reach the children in prison because of a television interview made before the interrogation, which is prohibited for one who is subject to the precautionary measure.

At the moment this does not seem to be part of the defences of most of the suspects) there is the desire to appeal to the court of Review, a tactic of the case to avoid a pile-load of the beneficiaries of judicial ruling adverse, even in the investigation phase. In the coming days, instead, you should understand something more of the technical investigations to be carried out in the barracks seized. The defence has asked for the incident of proof, so as to appoint consultants.

Meanwhile, the investigators continue to work covertly and is not excluded that in short-some of the people involved may be called again, possibly even the same Weekend, in order to better clarify some of the details that emerged in this phase.