After the thud of yesterday’s bounce in Europe

di Marzio Quaglino
31 July 2020I data on the gross domestic product that gradually arrive to give a more accurate measurement of the consequences of the Covid on the economy. Yesterday, the -32,9% of the United States, has frightened the markets. Today, however, thanks to some of the economic data positive coming from China, european markets are attempting a turnaround after the thud of yesterday. Milan, the best, the salt of 0,88% and rising, but below half a percentage point, are London, Frankfurt and Paris. On the list of Piazza Affari stands Ubi Banca (+8,12%), after the conclusion of the public Offer of Purchase and Exchange, launched by Intesa Sanpaolo.

Overall, the accession has exceeded the 91% of the share capital.

The collapse of the Us Gdp, makes you feel its effects on the foreign exchange market by accentuating the weakness of the Dollar. Benefits the euro that rises to 1.19, a value that was not reached by may of 2018. The appreciation of the single currency in over a month of 6,80% off, however, the competitiveness of european products in the export to the Usa.