Coronavirus: the number of outbreaks in the Usa. In England restrictions for 4 million people

31 July 2020Gli United States is confirmed in the country by far most affected by the new coronavirus, which has already caused global 673.171 deaths and 17.295.538 infections. The Usa alone account for 152.055 victims and 4.494.601 infections in a progression that after a period of degrowth is again appearing in stage upright, as is demonstrated by the fact that the last bulletin, published when Italy was still night, speaks of more than 1,200 victims in the 24 hours, for the accuracy 1.379. The power in the world has also recorded 72.238 new infections have brought the total number of infections by the appearance of the disease in about four and a half million, of which 1.4 million are declared cured. After having known a decrease of cases at the end of the spring, the United States has seen since the end of June the epidemic start with peaks and vertiginous, especially in the south and west of the federation. To worry about in a particular way is the state of Florida, which has registered more 253 new deaths. In this context, to say the least disturbing, the State of the south-east prepares for the arrival of a tropical storm from yesterday has made necessary the closing of several diagnostic centers made active through tensile structures, which are not able, however, to withstand the fury of the elements.

And by midnight last took an abrupt turn of the screw for the movement of over 4 million people in the north of England, following a strong return of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Among other things, to the people of the family group is forbidden to meet in closed in Greater Manchester and parts of Lancashire, east and West Yorkshire. A family can go to the pub, but without mixing with other people. The local authorities and the police will have the power to enforce the restrictions. The new rules come nearly four weeks after the restrictions were loosened in the whole of England, enabling people to meet indoors for the first time since the end of march.

Mexico, the third country in the world for number of victims
The Mexico record of 46 thousand deaths linked to the coronavirus and exceeds the Great Britain, becoming the third Country in the world for number of deaths. In the last 24 hours have been recorded other 639 deaths and 7.730 new cases, for a total of 416.179 infections.

Brazil, Bolsonaro on antibiotics for infection
The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro has made it known that you are taking antibiotics for an infection that made him feel weak, after having spent weeks in isolation due to the coronavirus. Bolsonaro appeared during a live broadcast joking on the fact of having “mold”in his lungs “after 20 days in closed”. “I just did a blood test. Yesterday I felt a little weak. They also found a bit of infection. Now I’m taking antibiotics,” he explained, without providing further details.

The brazilian leader is a negative result to the test last Saturday, after 3 weeks of coronavirus. Yesterday, his wife was positive. Bolsonaro, even if it was infected, he continued to downplay the severity of the Covid, insisting that the restrictions on business would have been the most harmful of the disease. But across the country, the epidemic continues to gallop, with over 91 000 dead and 2.610.000 outbreaks, the highest number in the world after the United States.

In Libya, record contagions: the government imposes lockdown
The libyan government recognized by the international community, i.e. the one based in Tripoli, announced that, following an increase in cases of the coronavirus, will impose a lockdown in areas of the Country under its control, with a curfew total for five days starting today afternoon. The reports the broadcaster Al-Jazeera. According to the latest data released Thursday from the Center to the libyan national disease control, has been registered a new record of new cases in 24 hours with 216 outbreaks in a day, bringing the total number in the Country to 3.438. According to the Centre, the deaths in total confirmed for coronavirus are at the moment 73 and the patients who have been cured are 604. To contain the spread of the Covid-19, the libyan authorities have closed the Country’s borders, closed schools and mosques, prohibited the gatherings and, in fact, imposed the curfew.

Israel, in 24 hours 1.786 new cases
In the last 24 hours have been recorded in Israel, 1786 new infections, i.e. 8.8 percent of the test yesterday. This was reported by the ministry of health. From the beginning of the pandemic, the positive cases are thus increased to 70.582. The infected people are now 26.260, of which 25.514 are in their own homes or in suitable hotels. The patients of the hospital are 746, of which 319 are in serious conditions. The deaths have risen to 509. The media note that these data confirm a substantial stabilizing of the health crisis. This week the total number of cases was 11.820, while the previous week the total was eur 12,013. A slight decrease In this week of deaths: 57, compared to 59 the previous week. Responsible for the health multiply in the meantime the appeals to the arab population that respects the rules of hygiene and distancing, while the beginning of the recurrence of the islamic Id-el-Adha (feast of Sacrifice), which is accompanied by numerous family meetings.

India, another record with 55078 cases in the last 24 hours
India has registered a record number of new cases of coronavirus, with 55.078 positive confirmed in the last 24 hours. The ministry of health, federal update then 1.638.870 the total of infected people. It is the second day in a row that there has been an increase of over 50 thousand new cases in 24 hours. In regard to the victims, they are at least 35.747 the people who have lost their lives in India-related complications at infection, 779 more than in the past. India is currently in third place in the world in the list of the most affected Countries, after the United States and Brazil. The authorities in New Delhi speak of 545.318 cases are still active and 1.057.805 healed.

In Russia, over 5,400 new infections in 24 hours
In Russia were registered 5.482 new cases in the last 24 hours, which leads to 839.981 outbreaks overall. The reports of the national center for anti-coronavirus, indicating that 695 of the new cases were detected in Moscow.